10 Ideas on How to Make a Small Home Feel Bigger

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Homes in the United States are bigger than ever—in fact, the average size of the American home has doubled since 1960. So, if you’re living in a home that’s less than the average 2,600 square feet, you may be wishing for more space.

Luckily, you can create the feeling of a bigger space with a few simple design tricks. Wondering how to make a small home feel bigger? Whether you’re moving into a smaller, older home or just looking to revamp your current space, check out these ideas for home interior design for small houses.

1. Paint Walls in Airy Tones

The quickest way to create the illusion of a bigger space is by painting the walls, but you’ll want to be careful about the color you choose. The best paint colors that make a room look bigger are light, airy colors like bright whites, light grays, and pastels.

2. Declutter

Wondering how to make a small room feel bigger without spending a dime? Declutter! You can’t afford to have clutter in a small living room if the area is already short on space. Before you try any decorating tips or remodeling ideas, get rid of what you don’t use.

3. Add a Wall Ladder

Draw the eye upward with the unique touch of a wooden wall ladder. You can add a ladder to your built-in shelves for easy access to hard-to-reach items.

4. Buy Pieces with Thin Legs & Clean Lines

Bulky furniture won’t do a small room any favors. Choose pieces with long, thin legs and clean lines to create the illusion of spaciousness in the room.

5. Raise Curtains

Most people hang curtains too low, even in a large room. Draw the eye upward and make a small room feel bigger by raising curtains until they are just barely skimming the floor.

6. Let the Light In

Sometimes all you need to do to make a small room feel bigger is let the light shine in! Pull back curtains, open windows, and turn on lights to quickly brighten the space.

7. Use Multipurpose Storage

Keep clutter down by storing toys, books, and other essentials in stylish decorative pieces. Choose a coffee table with hidden storage space or use wicker baskets for discreet toy storage.

8. Hang a Mirror

Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of a bigger space, so find a place to hang one or two mirrors in your smaller rooms. The bigger the mirror, the better!

9. Accent Walls

Sometimes an accent wall is all you need to add interest and draw attention away from the small size of a room. One of the best accent wall ideas for a small living room is to choose wood-tone walls for a warm, inviting look.

10. Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are a great way to separate two spaces without completely cutting off the room. Keep the door open when you want to make the room feel spacious, and close it when you need privacy.

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