10 Kitchen Storage Ideas You Can Try

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Getting a larger kitchen to get more space is not the answer if you are on a tight budget. Sometimes decluttering your kitchen and trying out a few budget-friendly pantries, cabinets and trolleys can get the job done.  It also gets down to knowing how to use your kitchen space, no matter how small it is. If your kitchen seems crowded with stuff, you must consider re-organization with these ten tips. 

Use Drawer Dividers for Organization of Cooking Tools

Though obvious, drawer divider organization means you get your equipment in one place.  It saves you the search and organizes your storage design. You can use a board when partitioning your drawer or buy an organizing tray instead. 

Once your drawer is divided, you can separate the first portioning for cutlery, the next for pans, and so on.  

Make Use of Large Cabinets by Adding Larders

A larger cabinet can be upgraded into larders. They are specifically designed as compartments or cupboards. On the inside, larders are made with shelves and containers. Their functionality is the same as pantries but is even better for storing cutlery and pots.  For non-DIY lovers, you can buy a larder from kitchen improvement stores. 

Try out Kitchen Trolleys from AusPoints

Kitchen trolleys vary from design to design.  Their sizes and storage capacities also differ.  The best thing about them is the wheels. You can move them to the hallway to free up space when your kitchen is completely crowded, and you need to use it. Besides, they can be used as cooking stations and even as transportation vessels for utensils.

Island trolleys with storage from AusPoints are considered the best based on designs and spaces. Again, they are easygoing and will fit in almost every kitchen design. 

Declutter Your Space with Plate Racks

Racks are best suited for reducing piles of dishes. You can use them for the vertical storage of China sets. Besides the organization of your kitchen space, they aid in storing everything in good condition and reduction of breakages. 

Use Door Storage Shelves for Small Items 

This is the ideal place for your spices and small utensils. A door storage shelve can be clipped on your kitchen door or your pantry. You need not drill holes when it comes to installations.  So, it’s best for you if you are renting. 

Use Hangers to Save Drawer Spaces

Rails on your worktops are quick, convenient, yet effective ways of having more space in your kitchen.  Be it pots, sieves, and serving spoons with holes, cluttering your drawers, hanging them can allay that.  

Try a Pegboard on Empty Walls

Your keys, baking tools, and cutlery are best stored on pegboards. You need not remove anything from your kitchen.  Rather you only have to use the empty wall. Apart from hooks, you can add a pegboard organizer if you want to partition it.  

Use Tuck Bins for Bulky Items

You can still buy bulk produce and save your fridge the trouble by using a tucked storage bin. Wooden bins are normally large and designed to fit in existing drawers while leaving enough clearance for shutting. They are convenient for storing flours, cooking oils, and juicers. 

Add Extra Cabinets on Top of Your Fridge or Burner 

You may have all the space filled out at times, but you still have items to be stored.  In that case, you can use the top part of your freezer as a base for small weighted cabinets. The size, however, will depend on the number of items you need to store. Also consider adding retractable drawers on these cabinets to avail more storage space. 

Use a Wipe-out Shelving Set

Swing-out shelves’ kits come in variable sizes. They can double your pantry storage by offering units that can be installed in the cabinet door of your pantries. 

On the other hand, the swing-out mechanism has a center partition that builds mobile shelves that sheet on top of the present ones. That way, you get double storage on a single shelve.  Consequently, you can reduce cutlery or other utensils that crowd your working area. 

Take Away

So that’s it. It’s irrefutable that your kitchen space may bend your pocket to get less crowded.  But sometimes, you don’t have to spend a single penny. It’s all about improvisation and looking for a cheaper way to get organized. A new cabinet, kitchen carts, and cupboards will cost you much when compared to dividing existing drawers or using pegboards. Therefore, a better approach is to try the budget-friendly ways and see whether you’ll need new cabinets or not. 

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