3 Pros And 4 Cons Of Selling Your House As Is

Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House.
Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House.

When you think about selling your house, the first thing that comes to mind is how you’d make it attractive to buyers. Often, this means renovating it to impress buyers and fetch a reasonable price. While making some quick fixes or complete renovations allows you to maximize the value of your home, it can be costly and time-consuming. 

Most people prefer to sell their homes without modifying it when they need to liquidate properties quickly. For instance, siblings that inherit properties from their parents may want to sell them quickly to share the inheritance and settle the wills. As-is sales may also be preferred by homeowners who no longer live close to the properties that need repairs.

Homeowners who choose to sell a home as-is must disclose it in their listings, clearly stating that they’ll not make any concessions about renovating the house during the contingency period. 

Selling your home as-is has pros and cons- here are vital ones you should know about:

Pros Of Selling Your House Without Modifications

Selling a home as-is offers homeowners who don’t have the time, funds, or energy to undertake requisite renovations the following advantages:

1. Lower Upfront Costs  

The most significant advantage of selling your home as-is is fewer upfront costs. You don’t have to invest or spend additional funds on your home before selling it. Thus, finding cash home buyers to pay for your house as-is saves you the time and money you would’ve spent on repairs. 

2. Sieves Uninterested Buyers 

The other advantage of selling a house in its existing state is eliminating less serious buyers. People know you’re not interested in protracted negotiations when you list your home as-is. Although some buyers may keep off, such a listing wades off uninterested buyers, leaving those interested in the property. 

3. Quick Home Listing

When you sell your house as-is, getting it listed on the property is shorter and faster. As-is home sellers enjoy the benefit of bypassing the lengthy repair process, going straight to placing the property on the market. This is particularly beneficial to people who need to sell inherited homes and have little time to renovate them due to their day-to-day work demands. 

Woman holding house model in hand and calculating financial chart for investment to buying property.

Cons Of Selling Your House Without Modifications

Although selling your home as-is offers you the advantages highlighted above, it has considerable disadvantages. These include:

1. Expectation Of Steep Discounts

Selling an as-is home places the burden of repairing or renovating the house squarely on the buyer. This means that fewer buyers will be interested in the property. Also, those buyers that express interest in the place expect you to give a steep discount to compensate them for the work in advance.  

Anytime you sell your house as-is, it’s hard to fetch a reasonable price. As-is sales send the message to buyers that something is wrong, like the house’s structure or outdated appliances. With this in mind, buyers expect a good deal that leaves them with sufficient cash to overhaul the home.  

2. You May Sell Your Home For Lesser Amount

When listing your home, you need to adjust the price to take care of renovation costs that buyers would incur. For instance, if renovating the roof would cost USD$15,000, and the kitchen repairs would cost USD$25,000, be prepared to negotiate the listing price downwards. Home inspections may reveal substantial repairs that cause buyers to consider your home’s listing price financially unviable. 

3. As-Is Home Sellers Attract Few Offers  

Naturally, people prefer to buy homes in good condition, which is why sellers attract very few offers from buyers compared to other sellers. A slow-selling season could mean your home remains listed for a longer time. Before you list your house as-is, consult a real estate professional to see how you can quickly increase your chances of selling your property. 

4. As-Is Homes May Be Placed Under Appraised Value

Homeowners who choose to sell their house as-is must always know that their properties may be placed under appraised value. This means they may be required to lower their listing prices, or their buyers may be asked to pay the difference. If this happens, sellers may be pushed to sell their homes at a much lower value or wait much longer until a buyer ready to bridge the difference comes along. 

Final Thoughts 

If you don’t have the money, the energy, or the time to renovate your home before listing it in the property market, you can sell it as-is. However, knowing the pros and cons of selling your property can help you make the right decision. You can increase your chances of selling the home quickly by talking to a real estate professional to determine whether to make a few changes.  

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