3 Reasons Why Your Pipes Are Making Loud Noises

Leakage Of Water From Pipe
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When the pipes in your house are performing well, they should be quiet enough that you don’t even notice them. However, you might be looking at a little yet annoying sign of a much larger issue once your pipes start making noises, commonly through loud banging or other noises that seem to occur when you flush the toilet or use your washing machine.

Noisy pipes are a common problem that plumbers generally encounter on different house calls. While common, they’re also avoidable. By ensuring you conduct regular maintenance and repairs to your home, you can prevent problems that can affect your home’s functionality and increase your home’s resale value if ever you decide to profit from such a home.

Furthermore, knowing why your pipes make loud noises could be one of the first steps to fixing them. And so, read this article to learn more.

1. Water Hammer

Usually, among the common causes of noisy pipes is often called a ‘water hammer.’ This is when your pipes bang directly against your home’s interior walls. It’s also when the water is initially shut off, and the high pressure within the pipes impels the water to find another route. Often, you’ll notice the noise in instances, such as when your washing machine has just completed filling to its capacity or when flushing the toilet and the tank filled back up.

You have to reset the pipe’s air chamber to address this issue. You can start this by turning off the major supply of water to your house, which is accomplished by taking off the shut-off valve, then turning on all the house’s faucets to drain the pipes. Likewise, you can also install water hammer arrestors used to absorb the shock created when the water that flows within pipes stops due to the quick closing of the shut-off valve.

Furthermore, if you want help with repairs regarding water hammer and other pipe issues, consider calling professional help such as plumber Van Nuys CA and other services to start.

Technician plumber using a wrench to repair a water pipe under the sink. Concept of maintenance, fix water plumbing leaks, replace the kitchen sink drain, cleaning clogged pipes is dirty or rusty.

2. Wear And Tear Of Components

Your plumbing system is a very complex system of valves, pipes, and other small components that work together to function effectively. These smaller hardware components such as nuts, bolts, and washers can sometimes wear as time passes, resulting in a loud whining noise.

Similarly, if you notice a whistling sound from one of your faucets, and it only happens when it’s turned on, it could be because of issues within such a faucet. Possibly, it’s something like a dirty washer or aerator that’s deteriorating. And so, to stop the whistling noise, you can start changing the damaged part that’s causing the issue.

In some cases, the whistling noise could also come from your pipes. This happens when the water supply is pushed past an obstruction on such pipes or if the pipes become narrow. It can also be a pipe issue if there’s a mineral build-up.

In addition, the whistling sound can also come from your pipes if there’s a broken or worn washer near your washing machine or dishwasher. The reason for this is that those appliances can cause washers to loosen, and they can also wear down the nuts and bolts more quickly because of the significant amount of movement it creates whenever used.

You can check this video for more information regarding whistling pipe noise and other plumbing issues.

3. Drainage Issues

Another reason your pipes make noise is when they try to drain out excess water or waste, and there’s a drainage issue. This can result in a gurgling sound similar to the noise you can notice while emptying a bottle of liquid.

Normally, drainage issues occur when there’s an obstruction within the pipes due to build-up debris or if there’s an object such as soap that was stuck after being washed down in the pipe.

Likewise, you can hear the noise in different places within your house. For instance, if you see that your bathroom sink creates a gurgling noise, it’s probably because of a problem with the sink’s drain or P-Trap (u-shaped pipe under your sink designed to block unwanted flow.)

In this situation, it’d be better to call a plumbing service to clear out any debris or any kind of build-up within your pipes.

Final Thoughts

Noisy pipes can be one of the tell-tale signs that something could be wrong in your home’s plumbing system. And in most cases, they have to be addressed immediately to prevent further damage. As such, knowing the reasons behind these noises can help you address the situation better.

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