4 Common Health Risks of Bed Bugs

Bed Bug

There’s no escape from the fact; bed bugs are just some of the few house insects that can cause a lot of damage to your health. Although they are known for destroying structures, it is imperative for you to know that they can channel deadly diseases into your body. Because they’re tiny in shape, it is tough to figure them out in a room.

You must also inspect the garden to prevent ticks in yard. Even though bed bugs are innocent insects, they can easily engage you in fighting for life. If left unattended, they can easily tarnish your property. So it is important that you get them out of the house. Here, in this feature, we will guide you through a few health risks associated with bed bugs:

1.  Infection from Scratching

If you have been bitten by a bed bug, the first thing that is going to bother you for the rest of the day is body itching. In severe cases, people end up damaging themselves by itching frequently. Because they bite us during the night time, it is tough to know the exact place that is itchy. This way, a lot of people wake up to flesh wounds. Although small open wounds don’t cause a lot of damage, their constant exposure can lead to harmful bacteria entering the body. This leads to redness around the wound, which eventually transitions into swelling.

2. Insomnia

You will be shocked to know, around 50% of the world population has insomnia. This means a lot of people cannot go to sleep peacefully at the right time. Especially when bug infestation becomes a routine in a household, it is common for all members to get many sleepless nights. The several bites on your body, never-ending itch and notorious bugs crawling on your body can easily cause a lot of damage to sleeping on time. This leaves many people exhausted and being affected mentally for the next day. Insomnia can lead to memory loss, accidents and sexual health issues.

3. Allergic Reactions

An allergic reaction is the most severe form of health risks available around. You must know, bed bugs feed on human blood, so you can always expect to end up in a health emergency because of a severe reaction. Especially those who are hypersensitive might end up getting an anaphylactic shock. This is an extreme form of allergic reaction followed by breathing difficulties, wheezing and over swollen lips. This situation can put a full stop to someone’s life, so should be attended on time. Allergic reactions can transition to life-threatening disorders. So if you’re sensitive, it is best to check with a doctor as soon as possible.

4. Stress

Those who live in bug-infested homes can easily tell how stressful it is to deal with such a situation. Because these tiny creatures cause a lot of damage, you might have to spend several extra dollars to correct the situation. With inflation being rampant across the globe, it is tough for an average household to separate budget for such expenses. Furthermore, as you continue to leave these bugs unattended, they can take a big toll on everything around. In most cases, people develop anxiety disorders and depression.

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