4 Home Remodeling Projects that Will Give You the Best Return on Investment

Home Remodelling

Planning a remodeling project is not always easy, especially if your goal is to sell the property or increase its value. Not all projects are winners, and while some might seem like obvious choices to you, they might not be to the majority of prospective buyers. This is why you need to come in informed, but also be reasonable with the kind of renovations you want to make. Let’s take a look at four remodeling projects that will give you the best return on your investment.

Bathroom Remodels

While it’s true that most buyers will appreciate a modern bathroom, you have to be careful with the extent of the renovation. If you have a high-end property, then extensive tile work and new countertops might be a good option. But if you have a mid-range property, you want to keep things as simple as possible.

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As a rule, it’s never a good idea to move major elements. So, if you were thinking of switching something like the toilet around, then it will cost you much more. Also, instead of remodeling, you might think about adding a new bathroom altogether. Not only could this end up costing about as much as a remodel but will be even more attractive to buyers.

A Deck

If you don’t have one already, adding a deck is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to add to the value of the property. It has been estimated that a deck addition could give you an 88.9% return on your investment which is very impressive. Not only that, but no one will turn down a house that has a deck, while they might not be thrilled with more complex elements like an outdoor living room for instance.

Also, this is one of the best projects if you wanted to do things yourself. These require only intermediate skills to complete and this could allow you to save even more. You have to makes sure that you know what you’re doing, however, if you don’t want to have to call in an expert to clean up any mess you made.


Speaking of landscaping, thoughtful landscaping work can definitely pay off. Here, you want to keep things simple and functional. You want to give the impression of a well thought out and maintained landscape, but nothing too extravagant. The goal is to allow prospective buyers the chance of imagining themselves building the space. At the very least, you should consider investing in sod installation if your front lawn isn’t looking up to par and try to add some color with some annuals to catch the eye of visitors.

Minor Kitchen Models

Kitchen remodels are also a big winner with buyers, but this is also where you need to be sensible. Changing fixtures, replacing cabinets, or adding a floating island may be all that you need. Some may want to switch to modern colors and add storage. Even doing something as simple as adding a glass door to one of your cabinets could be all that it takes to make that kitchen pop.

If you wanted to get a return on your next renovation projects, these are all options to consider. They will also make your living space more enjoyable if you decide to stay longer than you expected.

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