5 Amazing Things That A New Fridge Freezer Can Do

Kitchen With Refrigerator

If you are in the market to purchase a new fridge freezer, you’ll very quickly find that modern fridge freezer models can do a lot more than just store food! 

Being excited about water and ice dispensers seems like a bit of a throwback nowadays, especially as smart fridges have come onto the market and essentially changed the game.

Now, your fridge can help you to organise, entertain and control your home. So, make sure to read on below for 5 amazing things that a new fridge freezer could do for you, written in collaboration with Howards Electrical, a leading provider of domestic appliances Macclesfield.

  1. Supercharging your Weekly Shopping

No longer does your weekly shop have to seem like a chore, nor will you have those head-scratching moments when you’ve forgotten the shopping list. 

Now, some fridge models come with built-in cameras which connect to your phone, allowing you to view the inside and its contents, no matter where you are.

You can also use the touchscreen on your smart fridge to update your shopping list as you think of items you need. Then when it comes to your weekly shop, it’ll all be on your phone!

  1. Plan Everything

No longer do you have to collect sticky notes and scribbled memos, as some smart fridge freezer models come with digital planners to help you organise all aspects of busy family life.

This can even include shopping lists for each of your family members so that the next time anyone passes a supermarket, you can quickly ping them across the family list from the fridge.

  1. Entertain all the Family

We can all agree, the kitchen can sometimes be a stressful space! Why not put on some light entertainment whilst you’re waiting for your pan of water to boil?

Not all of us have space for a TV or a full sound system, so why not invest in a smart fridge, to combine both in one? Believe it or not, many smart fridges now come complete with home entertainment systems!

Whether you’re catching up on your favourite programme or following a YouTube recipe, you can now do it with ease!

  1. Choose Hands-free

No one wants to be using a touchscreen with hands covered in miscellaneous cooking mess!

Many smart fridges now include voice control, allowing you to ask the fridge to do tasks such as dim the lights and many others when connected with the right smart technology!

  1. Less Food Waste

Nowadays, everyone is trying to do their bit to live more sustainably, and a common way of doing this is by cutting down on food waste. Not only is it harmful to the planet, but believe it or not, it can also impact your savings hugely!

So, how can a smart fridge help with this?

Firstly, some fridge models will help you to track when each item expires, meaning that you’ll no longer have to dig around, checking the labels on each item. Just take a quick look at the built-in fridge screen for a list of which items are about to go off. What’s more, some fridges will even be able to suggest recipes to use up these ingredients.

Secondly, many models also now come with tech that monitors the humidity and temperature inside the fridge, helping food to stay fresher for longer.

So, there it is! Our 5 top things that a new fridge freezer can do to help make family life that bit less stressful and your kitchen into the best space that it can be.

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