5 Compelling Reasons Your Household Should Get A Generator

Household Generator

There are several appliances considered essential in a home. These may be refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, cookers, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units. A piece of equipment that many people might underestimate is a generator. 

There are many reasons why you should have one for your house, as you’ll learn from this article. It’s best to buy a champion generator or other high-quality brands from reputable manufacturers to enjoy the benefits provided below. 

Some of the advantages of having a generator in your home are:

1. You’ll Have Power In Case Of A Blackout

If you’ve experienced a power outage, you know its consequences aren’t pleasing. You have no lights, your electronics don’t work, and your essential appliances like the air conditioner don’t function. One of the worst things about blackouts is that they’re mostly unpredictable. So, in many instances, you’ll barely have enough time to prepare your household for them.  

Having a generator means that you’re always ready for the unexpected. Depending on the generator type that you have, it’s best to have backup fuel in store if a blackout goes on for an extended period. Also, ensure regular maintenance to avoid the machine failing you when you need it most, and it’ll serve you longer. 

2. You’ll Prevent Food Spoilage

Fridges and freezers help keep food fresh for longer periods by slowing down bacteria activity that spoils beverages, fruits, vegetables, and other edibles. If you’re a busy family, you won’t have to make multiple trips to the grocery store or supermarket with such appliances. 

If there’s a blackout, food in your fridge or freezer could go bad. In such an instance, you might be forced to throw it out. It might cause you to lose so much money, and you’ll have to spend more restocking when the power is back. A generator could save you from this. It’ll keep your freezer and fridge running in case of a blackout.

3. You’ll Maintain Comfort And Safety In Your Home

Besides fridges and freezers, a generator will also keep other essential appliances in your home functioning smoothly in the event of a blackout. These may be computers, water heaters, entertainment systems, HVACs, and other machines that you use daily. 

You might not feel the effect of a power outage if it only lasts a short time. However, if it goes on for a longer period, your house could become uncomfortable if the HVAC isn’t working. Also, if the water heater doesn’t function, this might be a massive inconvenience in your home. 

Additionally, you won’t be able to work without your computer, and your kids might not study. Besides that, lack of electricity means that your outdoor and indoor lights and security system are off. It could encourage burglars to enter your property. 

A generator could also help you keep your property comfortable and safe. It’ll ensure all essential appliances in your home are working smoothly in case of a power outage. Also, it’ll help keep your lights and security system on, which will help deter robbers. Needless to say, a generator will give you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are happy and secure in the event of a blackout.

4. You’ll Increase The Value Of Your Home

You might like to sell your house soon or in the future. In this case, installing a generator is one way to raise your property’s worth. The appliance makes your home more attractive to buyers because they know the worth of having one. To them, they’re assured of continued comfort and security and little or no inconveniences in case of a blackout. 

As for you, you could use the generator as a selling point. It might help you get good cash from the sale of your home. Besides that, you could also get your property out of the market much more easily and quickly. 

5. You Might Get A Homeowner Insurance Discount

You might also save some money on homeowner insurance if you installed a standby generator. With this machine, you’ll protect valuable appliances in your house from the sudden electricity surge that occurs when power comes back after a blackout. Besides that, if it’s extremely cold in your area, a generator could prevent your plumbing system from freezing. This way, you’ll ensure your pipes don’t burst or crack, preventing structural damage in your house. 

Most insurers reward people for fitting standby generators in their homes. It’s because there might be fewer insurance claims from the property owner. That said, one may be required to have a licensed professional install their standby generator for them to enjoy discounts from their insurer.


Besides fridges, freezers, HVACs, and other appliances, a generator is essential in your house. With it, you’ll prevent food spoilage, maintain comfort and safety in your home, and have power in case of a blackout. A generator could also increase the value of your property and help you get a homeowner insurance discount.

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