5 Fall Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

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With the winter season approaching, you’d want to do a couple of maintenance fixes during the fall to avoid possible future challenges in your home. Remember, once it starts snowing all over, it may not be easy to do repairs or call technicians. The winter cold is usually a turn-off for most workers, as everyone prefers staying indoors to warm up.

Doing repairs during the winter may also pose serious health and safety hazards. For instance, slippery surfaces may lead to dangerous falls. Fortunately, you have the entire fall period to do all the necessary fixes. With these in mind, here are six fall maintenance tips for your home:

1. Check Heaters And Air Conditioners

It’s critical to ensure thermal comfort in your home during winter. Therefore, start by inspecting all the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) appliances to confirm they’re in good working condition. If any of your HVAC appliances has broken down, consider replacing it or doing repairs on it.

As HVAC maintenance isn’t something you can handle all by yourself, you’ll have to enlist professional help. So, if you live in Cross Junction, Northern Virginia, you’d want to check out a reliable HVAC maintenance Cross Junction company and contract them for the job.

Here are some tell-tale signs to warn you that your HVAC system needs maintenance:

  • The air conditioner (AC) releases a strange smell or has a faint flow of air
  • Strange noises from the AC
  • Unexplained increase in electric bills—this might mean the system has decreased in efficiency
  • Leaks in the HVAC

If your current system isn’t energy-efficient, you may consider upgrading to a modern AC with high efficiency to help minimize your electricity bills. Once your HVAC system is up and running, you can wait for winter without undue worries.

2. Clean The Fireplace

The fireplace is another crucial place you’d want to look into in readiness for the winter season. You’ll probably be using it every day. If it’s not in good condition, fire hazards can erupt and cause irreparable damage.

Here are some common fireplace repairs you can do:

  • Replacing eroded or rusty chimney chase covers
  • Replacing warped appliances
  • Replacing missing chimney caps
  • Redoing the insulation so that the heated air isn’t drawn into the house
  • Cleaning vent liners
  • Removing excessive ash

Most of these repair procedures require a chimney professional. Make sure to hire one and have your fireplace restored to a good working condition.

3. Examine The Roof

A leaking roof may significantly compromise your family’s comfort. It may also lead to structural damage to the wooden roofing materials. Therefore, inspect the shingles and see if there’s anything missing or damaged. You can replace them if there are only a handful of problematic ones. If most of them are damaged, you may consider replacing the entire roof, for which you’ll need a reliable roofing contractor.

Also, if your yard is full of trees, you’d want to rid the gutters of accumulated leaves and debris. If your gutter damage is beyond repair, too, you may consider replacing it. This will ensure a proper flow of roof runoff when it starts snowing and raining.

4. Trim And Rake The Backyard

It’s advisable to trim your backyard bushes regularly to keep your home neat. Overgrown tree branches, hedges, or grass may cause accidents once snow accumulates on them and makes the pathways obscure.

Once you’ve done the clipping, you must also remove the leaves on the ground using a rake. This way, you’ll ensure your home is tidy and ready for the cold season.

5. Inspect Rifts In The Driveways

You’ll also have to check whether there are cracks in the driveway or footpaths in your home. Ice may accumulate in these gaps and enlarge them, leading to gradual failure of the concrete.  Also, allowing your concrete driveway to break apart this way isn’t wise, given the high costs of building a similar one from scratch. It’s advisable to repair the minor defects before they turn into huge ones. So, inspect the concrete driveways and walkways right away, and hire a driveway contractor to assist in fixing the damaged parts.

In Conclusion

It’s critical to carry out a few maintenance procedures during fall in preparation for the winter. The list above introduces you to the most essential repairs to consider, but it’s not exhaustive. Start with these and explore even more tips, and you’ll be fully ready for the cold season. Proper maintenance ensures you reduce any preventable damage likely to occur in your home.

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