5 Outdoor Christmas Decorations To Add To Your Home This Year

Christmas Decorations

The Christmas holiday is a colorful, sweet, and busy time. It entails celebration, spending time with loved ones, and eating delicious foods. However, what makes Christmas so enjoyable are the decorations and lighting that enrich our homes and businesses.

Although many people mainly decorate their home’s interior, outdoor decorations are essential too. Your Christmas decor should extend beyond the front door to the backyard to invite neighbors to join in the celebrations.

Therefore, just like your home’s interior, make your home’s exterior more festive this year. Outdoor decorations help bring the Christmas spirit and evoke good feelings. You don’t have to break the bank to make your exterior space look lively; the simpler, the better. A simple, unique design with colorful decorations can make your outdoor space stand out from the rest.

If you’re unsure which items to include in your outdoor decorations, consider incorporating the following items. Keep on reading to learn more.

1. Strings Of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are one of the best Christmas décor for the garden. They’re probably one of the first things that pop into your mind when you think of outdoor Christmas decorations. Hanging these lights brightens up your garden and elevates your Christmas spirit. You can wrap Christmas lights around your trees, the front and back of your yard, and even the roofline.

To save energy, use light-emitting diode (LED) lights, which are more efficient than other bulbs and need fewer watts. Christmas LED lights that resemble snowflakes and starbursts offer an appealing festive look on a budget.

Using decorating lights not only creates a festive atmosphere but also highlights your landscape decor and improves your home’s security by deterring criminals. However, be careful when handling Christmas lights because a lot of current flows in them. So, handle them with care and use safety equipment to avoid electrocution.

2. Outdoor Christmas Trees

Incorporating outdoor Christmas trees has become popular as they uniquely upgrade your yard’s layout. The advantage of outdoor Christmas trees is that they withstand harsh weather conditions like snow and rain. They’re also cost-efficient, require low maintenance, and are durable, meaning you can store them for the next holiday.

If you’re running on a budget, you can use old indoor Christmas trees you’re planning to toss out on your outdoor space. However, since they’re meant for indoor spaces, they’re bound to be affected by external elements.

When buying a Christmas tree, check the labels to ensure they’re meant for outdoor spaces. Outdoor Christmas trees are designed with UV applications to protect the tree from fading and against external elements. These trees are usually wrapped around with lights; you only need to find a good spot and set them up. But you can take the extra step of decorating the tree using plastic or glass ornaments for outdoor decorating.

Christmas Tree collage. Christmas Tree in snow isolated over white background

3. Santa Claus Figure

Every home with kids should have a Santa Claus figure. Kids know Santa Claus as a nice person who brings them toys and gifts on Christmas. Since he is the central figure kids celebrate during Christmas, he should be represented in your home. Incorporating Santa into your home creates a Christmas atmosphere filled with joyful and fun experiences. It also helps build a culture of sharing, empathy, and generosity, which is crucial in your child’s development.

4. Christmas Garlands

You know the Christmas holiday has arrived when you see garlands hanging everywhere, from the mall to your neighbors’ houses. Garlands are an arrangement of flowers and leaves traditionally worn on the head but are nowadays hung in houses as decorations.

Christmas garlands offer your outdoor space beautiful greenery and a platform to wrap Christmas lights and other outdoor ornaments. Garlands are available in different forms like pine, cedar, or spruce, making them a natural complement to your garden trees.

Although natural garlands produce a warm feeling and a nice aroma, artificial garlands are the most preferred for decorations. This is because natural garlands clutter your home and change in color within just a short period. Artificial garlands are popular because they can be integrated with any Christmas lights and are of high quality, meaning you can use them year after year.

5. Colorful Ornaments

A cheaper and simpler way for Christmas decorations is colorful ornaments. Ornaments aren’t only for indoors; plastic and glass ornaments can be used outside because they withstand harsh elements, like snow, strong winds, and rain. The advantage of ornaments is that they can be used on any platform, such as Christmas trees, garlands, dinner tables, and front doors. You can also clutter small ornaments to form a large yard ornament.


Christmas festivals require enough preparation for putting up holiday decor. Therefore, this Christmas, try to decorate your outdoor space just like your home’s interior. Hopefully, the abovementioned ideas will inspire you to design fantastic decorations for your outdoor space.

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