5 Tips to Enhance Digital Presence of Real Estate Business

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There was a time when the whole real estate market was driven by traditional sources of marketing such as banner and newspaper ads. Now, the world has embraced digitalization and just like any other domain, real estate industry is highly influenced by digital media. These online platforms have further surged their dominance, especially after Corona virus outbreak.

In this sense, all businesses including real estate ones have to build and maintain a strong online presence in order to capture the attention of their potential customers. And this is not all. To stand out from the crowd, you have to be elegant and attractive. Since many real estate agents and business owners are not proficient in maintaining a convincing digital presence, we’ve listed some smart tips for real estate businesses and explained each one in detail to help you excel in this digital age. 

Let’s get started:

1) Create your Own Website 

To propel your brand, a website with your own domain address is a must. There are oodles of real estate listing websites and directories but having a website of your own brand can provide you tons of benefits like posting compelling images/videos, creating blog posts, showcase testimonials and many more.  

Your website is like your ‘digital office’ where people can come and find everything about your brand. Real estate businesses can post updates about properties and can also make people aware about upcoming events. You don’t have to invest a fortune initially as websites can be created with few bucks nowadays. The website tells a lot about your business so, if you are having a good budget, investing a larger amount in the professional website can always be more appealing.

Jay Schultz of FastPath, a professional home buying company in Minneapolis states “It’s high time for local real estate businesses to leverage online channels and most importantly – create their own website to prevail in this unprecedented circumstances”

2) Social Media Presence 

You need to identify the top platforms for real estate on which you can find your target audience. Ideally, Instagram and Facebook are two prime social media platforms where real estate business owners can make a strong presence. Don’t always market your services on social media, instead try to post fascinating images, videos and infographics to grab the attention of people and engage with them.

If you have a marketing budget, you can also run paid ads on social media as they can often generate lucrative ROI if done in the right way.

Besides this, reach out to real estate influencers and collaborate with them to gain further exposure.

3) Aesthetic Photography 

What you show is of course important, but how you show it is more important. Keep your photos and videos neat and clean. And always use high-quality professional-looking photographs as it will directly impact your brand image. Because these images and videos are not only going to appear in social media platforms but also on other channels like your own website and various listing sites. 

You can use the 3D video walkthroughs to provide a realistic insight into properties that will generate amazing vibes among the visitors. You can also leverage drone technology to capture compelling images of your real estate properties. These fancy visuals are center of attraction especially to millennials. Thus, investing money and time in aesthetic photography is always worthwhile.

4) The Power of Articles 

Just like your social media accounts, you need to regularly post articles on your website. In this way, you’ll be able to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the real estate niche and build authority in the market. Moreover, you can follow a proper SEO strategy so that users can easily find your website in Google and other search engines on popular keyword phrases.

Identify which type of content your users are expecting from your brand. Study your competitors and do some brainstorming with it. And on top of that, pay close attention to the quality of content you are creating. Improve the readability of articles by including fascinating infographics, GIFs, and stats. 

5) Build Network

“Your Network is your Net Worth”. This quote stands very true in case of real estate as this is a relation-driven industry. And did you know that more than 30% of buyers have found a real estate agent through a referral. You can reach out to your happy customers after a few days of completing the deal and gently ask for the referrals. Therefore, it can work wonders for you and you’ll have a cushion of comfort in converting those referrals. 

Social media platforms are also a great place to build lasting relationships. You can have a conversation with your potential customers and keep them in a close loop for any upcoming opportunities. 

Wrapping Up: 

These important tips will help you to build a thriving online presence and attract the targeted audience with ease. You can create a concrete marketing strategy to achieve the goals of your real estate business. To refine the process and to boost productivity, use a real estate CRM for capturing leads and maintaining timely follow ups with them. 

Marketing is the bread and butter of every brand and a sturdy digital presence will give confidence to your potential customers around the internet.

Author bio: Raaquib Pathan is a content marketing specialist having expertise in providing insights into the latest sales and marketing paradigms. Honing his skills in SEO coupled with content marketing, he helps brands increase their reach and dominate the search results.

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