5 Types of Roller Blinds

Window Blinds

The interior setup of your house is not only about furniture and other accessories around. The integral part is the windows in each room of your house. Windows are the only source of sunlight and outside view, without you getting out of the house. Windows give life to the living area or any other room. However, if you require privacy and may require the sunlight to be blocked from coming in, we all have numerable options to cover and use instead of the conventional curtains.

Blinds in Sydney are the most preferred window covering by the majority of the people. They are available in beautiful and fresh-looking designs with versatile styles and can complement any type of ambiance. Roller Blinds are modified into serving best; fit to your preferred usability. They are easily adjusted to block out light completely or just for light shade to the intense sunlight or to maintain your privacy.

Most of the people prefer roller blinds, due to the broad functionality and its excellent looks. Though they are difficult to clean the other benefits outweigh difficult cleaning. They are the easiest to handle while pulling up and down, even on the huge windows. Roller blinds are more beneficial than any other option available. You can adjust them by pulling half level to restrict excessive sunlight during summers or open them completely to warm up in winter afternoon.

Here is a list of the different epic blinds buying guide to facilitate your decision in selecting the correct version of roller blinds:

1.    Blackout Blinds 

Blackout roller blinds are great for bedrooms and living rooms as they completely block out the light. They are best suitable for people who cannot sleep well in the faintest of light. The fabricated blackout roller blinds are great for TV rooms/ living rooms, to have the best movie theatre environment while you are watching your most awaited movie missed out in the box office. They are best for shielding your electronics and other equipment from ultraviolet radiation and fading out their color. If you are seeking something for your privacy, these roller blinds are just the perfect fit for your home.

2.  Zebra/Vision Blinds

Motorized Zebra blinds are the most trending ones of the Year 2019, among roller blinds. They provide a modern yet contemporary look to your room, as well as retaining the privacy with alternating filtering material stripes. These fabricated zebra blinds come in a variety of colors and fabrics, giving it a traditional and classy outlook. You can even add the motorized functionality for an extra convenience factor. You can play around with the combination of two colors for the unique harmony to the interior of your home. This type of roller blind is suitable for all areas, specifically study, living room, dining area or kitchen, etc. 

3.   Roman Blinds

Blinds that are made out of jute or fabric having a traditional and contemporary look, are called Roman roller blinds. They are stitched in the form that when it is raised the fabric folds in itself to form the pleats. They are available in every type of fabric from silk, cotton, linen or synthetic. These blinds are most suitable for guest areas, living areas, or even bedrooms.

Roman blinds give timeless and such a contemporary look that it can’t be obsolete at any stage. You can attach any type of lining to your liking, translucent or blackout. This type of Roller blinds compliments well with any type of decor in homes or hotels. If you are inclined towards royal and elite set up around your house, Roman Blinds can be a good choice to enhance your ambiance completely.

4.  Smart roller blinds

With the swamp of smart technology all around us, our home is also taken over by smart/ artificial intelligence. The Internet has not only opened millions of avenues but also made our lives simpler. There are lots of ways, we are getting benefited by technology.  Roller Blinds to be not apart from it. There are blinds available that you can operate through to your mobile or just simple remote.

You can have the luxury of operating your roller blinds by just one click from your mobile or through the voice command to your Google Home or Alexa or Amazon Echo. Are you a couch potato? You need not fret anymore; smart roller blinds have made life easier. They are ideal for senior citizens and disabled people who can choose their privacy or light coverage with ease due to the smart technology attached to smart roller blinds.

5.  Outdoor Roller Blinds

Outdoor roller blinds are available in translucent sheer or screen roller blinds. As the name suggests they are ideal for outdoors like your courtyard or veranda blocking out the intense humidity or heat along with ultraviolet radiation that could harm your health and environment. They are being used since a very long time, mostly in the eastern and middle-eastern side of the world where people used jute, sugar cane or wooden materials for their outdoor roller blinds. The tradition of having evening tea and supper used to be carried out within the same regions as well, but the hot and humid weather and frequent rainfall led to the lifestyle of having outdoor roller blinds to prevent harsh weather and enjoy better.


You have the option to choose from a variety of roller blinds for your home, office, display centers, businesses, hospitals, school, etc. keeping in mind whether you require a manual or a smart mechanized roller blind. Remember what type of coverage you are aiming for, and according to your requirement, you may select the styles pertaining to a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. However, the style needs to be selected on the basis of your room attire – modern and trendy or just contemporary. Material that you require your roller blinds to be in, has to be according to the type of maintenance that it may require in the future. Indeed, innovations have set the standards high in every nuke and corner of our house and within our lifestyle.

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