6 Home Staging Tips For A Quick Sale

Beautiful living room in new traditional style luxury home. Feat
Beautiful living room in new traditional style luxury home. Features vaulted ceilings, fireplace with roaring fire, and elegant furnishings.

Everyone anticipates a quick sale when selling a home because months of showings and openings would mean significant time commitments. Moreover, a house sitting for too long might eventually have a lower offer than others since it’s unwanted.

For that reason, you may need to research techniques and get help from professionals when selling my home. One way to enhance and quicken your selling process is home staging, which is the redecorating of your home to present it well to potential buyers. With the appropriate staging techniques, you can highlight the best features of your home, ensuring a quick sale.  

Home staging can be an easy task, so whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring professional stagers, it’s crucial to incorporate the following tips for a quick home sale:

1. Declutter

Decluttering is a crucial aspect of the home staging process. It’s natural for you to accumulate possessions as years go by. Since the accumulation happens slowly, the clutter may not be noticeable. However, a home full of messy items may give the perception of a tiny or dirty space. Therefore, it’s vital to declutter. In decluttering, you can start by removing some pieces of furniture to open up the space in your living room.

In your kitchen, ensure to keep the countertops free from mess, remove the items on your sink, and clear out your refrigerator. Decluttering the unnecessary items in the kitchen helps make your kitchen features the point of focus, for instance, the backsplash or lighting accents.

It’s also essential to tidy the hallways to prevent potential buyers from feeling cramped while touring. However, you don’t have to get rid of your stuff when decluttering. You can simply pack them and move them into storage until you finalize the home sale.

2. Deep Clean

When getting your home ready for sale, it has to be clean to entice potential buyers from purchasing it. Deep cleaning of the house must be done differently from the usual weekly cleaning; instead, it has to cover every corner of your home. You should not overlook even the minor details such as cobwebs or mold.

It’s crucial to scrub all the appliances to give them a shiny new look and clean areas you don’t clean regularly. Dust off curtains, remove markings from walls, clean the windowpanes, and wipe the baseboards. Cleaning it reassures your potential buyers that the home was treated properly.

3. Depersonalize

Potential buyers usually envision themselves as being the real homeowners. Therefore, it’s essential to make their dream more realistic by removing all your personal items from the house during showings. Take out framed certificates, photographs, fridge magnets, keepsakes, toys, and personal items on bathroom counters, among other things. By depersonalizing your home, you allow the buyer to envision themselves owning the home.

4. Apply A Fresh Coat of Neutral Paint

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your walls gives them a clean, bright, and attractive appeal, providing your entire home a facelift. Getting rid of fancy-looking wall paint can enhance the appeal of your home since every buyer has their preferred color of choice. Applying neutral paint allows the buyer to visualize the home as theirs since neutral colors represent no specific personal style. The best neutral color choices include warm whites, blues, and greys.

5. Define Your Rooms

If you own a large property, there’s a possibility of having rooms serving as storage rooms. Having rooms full of unused items or serving no purpose makes the home seem to have a lot of wasted space. It can turn off potential buyers since they don’t see an immediate use for the room, terming the property as a bad fit. 

Redesigning these rooms and giving them a purpose enhances the appeal of your home. You can turn it into a guest bedroom, an office, or a home gym. You can turn an empty basement area into an entertainment room. By making good use of every square foot, the buyer can see all rooms as necessary and usable, and a minor staging can assist in that.

6. Play Appropriately With Mirrors and Lights

Mirrors and lights can serve a significant purpose in opening up the space and making it feel bright and homey. Before a show or an open house, you can open up all your windows and blinds to let in the natural sunlight. You may also turn on all the lights within the home if the natural light isn’t enough.

Look at your current lighting fixtures and replace the ones that need updating. You can even replace the old lighting fixtures with more trendy ones to give your home a modern feel. Using energy-efficient features can enhance the appeal of the house to potential buyers. Another staging trick is the addition of mirrors throughout the home to get additional reflective lighting, especially in the darker rooms of your home.


Whether you have constructed or moved to your dream home or you’re making good use of a hot market, home staging is a marketing technique you should consider when selling your home. The staging tips highlighted above can go a long way in assisting you with a quick home sale.

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