6 Interior Changes That Can Take Your House To A Whole New Level

Living Room With Staircase

Everything that we own is an extension of our personality. Whether it be our clothes or our house, it all represents who we are. This is why most of us wish to design our home in a way that impresses all onlookers.

In a world where every other person is struggling to stand out and impress one another, specific interior changes are bound to take your house to a whole new level. After all, there is no fun in living in a house which is a replica of all other buildings in the neigborhood.

If you wish to impress your neighbors, friends, and relatives with the beauty of your house, here are changes you need to make.

1. Turn your stairs into drawers

Do you live in a small house? Are you always concerned about the lack of storage space? Well, you don’t necessarily need a storage room. Not if you are smart about it. Rather than having a room for your extra items, you can design your stairs to become storage spaces!

A smart way to save space and yet live in a decluttered house is to convert your staircase into drawers. When the drawers are closed, they look like regular stairs. However, when opened, you can use the space to store items like books and old clothes, etc.

Just don’t let anyone know of your secret! The last thing you would want is having children of guests snooping into your possessions.

2. Befriend sunlight through large windows

Artificial light has taken over our lives. Now, some people prefer having small or no windows at all in their house. Why? So that their privacy can be retained.

If you are one of these people, unfortunately, we have some bad news for you. Natural daylight cannot be replaced by artificial light. This is because both you and your house need natural light.

According to the World Health Organization, exposure to natural light help in treating a variety of skin conditions. Separately, as per Healthline, you need at least 15 minutes of sunlight to give you your required vitamin D dose.

When it comes to your house, natural light helps in keeping bugs and insects away. For instance, bed bugs are known to thrive in the dark. You can use a bed bug killer to terminate them. However, once you do, constant exposure to daylight can reduce the chances of them coming back to infect your lives.

3. Have a kitchen island

One interior designing trend that has taken the world by storm is Kitchen Island. Unlike other trends, this one is actually a must-have in your house.

This is because apart from being aesthetically pleasing, kitchen islands are highly functional. They help in opening up your kitchen area. Moreover, if you use it the right way, you can gain maximum benefit out of it.

If you are restricted on space, you can use the kitchen island as a dining table. People can gather around and eat on it. Similarly, you can use it for preparing food as well.

Unless you have constructed your kitchen island to have drawers in it, you can use the empty space below to place your wine fridge and other smaller electronics.

4. Rethink windows and clocks

There are two things every house has- windows and clocks. But, you don’t necessarily have to have them separately. Instead, you can convert your window into a clock!

Nothing looks better in a lounge than an old tower clock window. Yes, this might be a little tricky to construct and operate, but if you manage to do it, the chances are that the entire look of your house will come together.

However, only use this interior design element if you want your house to look grand and sophisticated. If you are opting for a cozy and fun vibe, a large window might not be suitable for you. Always think about the theme of your house before implementing any design.

5. Use white paint in small spaces

There is something about the color white that gives it a breathable and spacious feel. Many people use dark colors on their walls to give a statement. While they may look good, dark colors tend to make space seems congested and claustrophobic.

Contrary to this, lighter shades make any room look much more open and full. This is true, regardless of how small the room actually is. Therefore, in all room where you have limited space, opt for white and other light shade paints. This will help in making it look much more spacious than before.

6. Remove walls where you can

Often, people have their dining area and lounge separated by a wall. Unless you live in a huge mansion, such separations in a house are not recommended.

This is because you can remove the wall in between and make the two rooms into one giant room. Even without changing the placement of the furniture much, this simple tactic can help in making your house seem spacious and bigger.

Look at your home. See which walls your house doesn’t really need. Proceed to remove them and see the difference it makes to the look of your house.

Verdict: Change your house’s interior to reflect YOU

There are a plethora of interior design suggestions out there for you to implement. However, not all of them will be ideal for you.

At the end of the day, your house can only stand out for its beauty, if you design it with clarity. Think about which theme and vibe you want your house to relay. Then, look at what ways you can implement interior designing to achieve your desired theme.

The six changes we mentioned are the ones which are likely to look good, regardless of what you want your house to symbolize. After all, you can’t go wrong with making your abode look spacious and hence welcoming!

Do you think there are some interior designing changes we missed out on? Let us know. 

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