6 Things to Focus On to Improve Your Real Estate Brokerage’s Recruitment Program

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Efficient and effective recruitment is an important component of any real estate brokerage’s success. After all, you can’t achieve your business goals if you don’t have the right people working with you.

If you want an example of an effective recruitment program, you can check out this link: Meanwhile, here are some things you need to focus on if you want to improve your brokerage’s own recruitment efforts:


Investing in the right technology benefits both your employees and your clients. This is because technological tools can help make internal processes more efficient. In turn, this translates into better services delivered. Consider acquiring CRM software, lead generators, and listing tools for your present and future agents.

Meanwhile, some of the best software you can acquire for real estate recruiting include an ATS or applicant tracking system. This helps automate communications, identify sources of top qualified applicants, and capture more leads. You should also look into a real estate recruitment software that allows you to manage your campaigns, create content, and send messages all in one platform.

Job Ads

If you want to improve the quality of applicants to your open job positions, you should pay attention to the quality of your job ads. Usually, job seekers mistakenly send their applications because the job posting isn’t clear about requirements and other important details.

To create effective job ads, make sure that you provide specific information about the job opening. For example, you can describe some of the possible projects that the new hires might work on in the future. You should also have a clear list of must-have skills and qualifications. If something can be learned on the job, don’t list it as a must-have but rather a nice-to-have.

Other helpful tips include using straightforward, inclusive language and avoiding “clickbaity” or fancy titles such as “superstar.” You should also be as clear as possible. Don’t say “We’re growing,” when what you want to say is “We opened in two new locations.” Finally, avoid discriminatory language in your job ads.

Employee Referral Programs

Your current employees can be one of your best sources of highly qualified candidates. This is because they’re already familiar with the brokerage’s culture and thus know what kinds of people will fit open roles the best.

However, if you don’t give your people motivation, they likely won’t refer anyone. Looking for the right people takes time and effort, after all (and as you very well know). This is why you should have a robust employee referral program.

Some great incentives include cash bonuses, all-expense-paid trips, and the latest gadgets. Make sure to also develop a sustainable program. This way, you can continuously give incentives to employees who refer successful hires even years down the line.

Candidate Evaluation

Once you have a list of qualified candidates, the next step is candidate evaluation. This is a crucial part of the recruitment process and has to be well-structured to make sure that the best ones make the cut. For real estate agents, the best evaluation method is usually face-to-face interviews. Through this, you can gauge how well they communicate and also see their enthusiasm about the job.

You can also add standardized tests to your candidate evaluation process. However, you need to combine these tests with other assessment methods. These include the above-mentioned structured interviews and even mock situations where applicants have to sell a hypothetical property.

Internal Recruitment

Sometimes, companies look too much outside of their ranks that they miss out on great opportunities. This is why if you want a successful recruitment program for your real estate brokerage, you can’t ignore internal recruitment. Again, your own employees are already familiar with the company culture. They already know what you want, whether it’s personality-wise or skill-wise.

Make it a habit to review performance appraisals to see who among your people will suit an open position. This is particularly important if you’re looking for senior-level employees. You should also improve your internal recruitment programs for lateral promotions. Sometimes, an employee might not perform well in their current post because their skills are a better fit for other responsibilities.

Company Culture

Company culture always gets mentioned when it comes to recruitment, and for good reason. Whether it’s real estate or in other industries, job seekers always place high importance on culture when looking for companies to apply to. They not only care about the work they do, but who and what they work for as well. They want to be part of something worthwhile.

Thus, it’s a good idea to highlight your company culture right at the outset of your recruitment activities. This way applicants can establish affinity early on. Try sharing employee testimonials to promote your culture alongside the job positions. Match the employee with the post, too. If you’re looking for a manager, look for a current manager in your team to share their experiences.

If you don’t have a clear idea regarding your company culture, then it’s about time that you define it. Gather your team and ask for their input, particularly with regards to what they love about working for your real estate brokerage. This exercise can help you determine your company’s culture in a more organic way.

Once you’ve improved on these aspects of your brokerage, you’ll be more prepared to find and hire the best real estate professionals.

Good luck!

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