7 Reasons To Invest In Motorized Shades For Your Home

Motorized Shades

Whether you are renovating your home or simply looking to replace those tatty old drapes that are becoming more of an eyesore over time, you will find that you have a few more options than regular drapes.

And while choosing between drapes, blinds, and shades can be tricky, you’ll also want to consider motorized shades.

Here are a few reasons motorized shades are an excellent investment for your home.

Easy To Operate

If you have ever found yourself battling with drapes that don’t seem to hang right, blinds that break easily, or shades that jam when opening and closing, you already know that the wrong window treatments can be frustrating.

When investing in motorized shades, you only need to press a button to open and close your shades.

Energy Efficiency

You might be thinking that motorized shades would increase power consumption. However, electronic shades from Supreme Shades and other retailers can help improve energy efficiency. Because these shades make it easier to control the amount of sunlight in your home, better indoor temperature regulation means lower heating and cooling costs. And when comparing the additional cost of powering the small motor on these window treatments to the costs of indoor heating and cooling, it makes sense how this investment can decrease your monthly electric bill.

These smart home shades will reduce your power bill while boosting your daily comfort and convenience. You will also add some value to your home as energy-efficient properties are now highly sought after due to increased eco-conscious living trends.

You can also further improve energy efficiency by investing in energy-efficient windows. These windows consist of two glass panes instead of one. In some designs, the inner glass surface contains a reflective coating, while others have a specific gas between the two glass panels.

Add To An Existing Smart Home System

If you’ve already started upgrading your home with smart systems, motorized shades are an excellent addition. Whether you already have electronic door locks, motion detection and home monitoring, garage door openers, or any other type of smart home installation, motorized shades will add to your smart home system.

You can operate your shades remotely with a smartphone app, depending on the specific motorized shades you choose. Motorized shades are typically powered by a lithium battery pack. In this case, it’s wise to invest in rechargeable AA batteries. On the other hand, some motorized shades are powered by a rechargeable motor that you can connect to an outlet through a USB cord when charging is necessary.

Gray Motorized Shades

Prevent Sun Damage

Ongoing exposure to sunlight will eventually fade and damage household furniture. If you’ve ever noticed how the window-facing side of your sofa is fading faster than the rest of it, you already know just how damaging sun rays can be.

But with motorized blinds, you’ll have more control over sunlight entering your home. Therefore, these shades can effectively prevent sun damage and help you keep your furniture in good condition for longer.

More Security

As with smart home lighting systems, smart window shades can also improve home security.

You can open and close blinds remotely, creating the illusion that there someone is home, even when your house is vacant. With this, you might pay less for home insurance due to heightened security. You’ll also have a lot more peace of mind when traveling.

Other great security-boosting devices worth considering include smart door locks, motion detection sensors, a home monitoring system, automated sprinkler systems, and even a smart speaker system. These upgrades will boost home security substantially and bring you and your family peace of mind.

Various Control Options

Some motorized shades can be controlled with a smartphone app, others work with a wall-mounted panel, and others rely on a remote. So you can install window shades that suit your preferences.

When choosing the right kind of motorized shades, you’ll need to be sure the design integrates well with any existing smart home systems. For example, select motorized shades that function with a smartphone app if your other devices work with an app.


Motorized window treatments can cost as little as two hundred dollars, depending on your chosen manufacturer. Even though more expensive high-end options are available, you really don’t have to spend a fortune to have smart window treatments.

And considering that these shades can reduce power consumption by lowering indoor heating and cooling costs and effectively prevent sun damage, you will save a small fortune in the long run with this affordable home investment.

There are so many compelling reasons to invest in smart home upgrades. This category of upgrades offers generic benefits like energy efficiency, convenience, and so much more. Once you have invested in smart window shades, you can consider others like a smart thermostat, smart door locks, and even smart home lighting.

Other Smart Home Upgrades To Consider

If motorized blinds are your first smart home system, you might be wondering which devices to choose next. There is quite an extensive list of options available, from smart door locks and speaker systems to automated vacuums and even smart decor.

So, choose home upgrades that meet your needs, whether you need to boost home security, increase daily convenience, or reduce your power consumption. You’ll find that security-boosting devices include home monitoring and motion detection devices, while convenience-adding devices include the iconic robot vacuum.

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