8 Silent Signs Your Furnace is Failing

Broken Furnace

Is your furnace beginning to show signs of malfunction? As a homeowner, you’ll know exactly when your heating system is struggling to keep up with your desired indoor temperature.

Whatever kind of heater you’re using, it’s very important to pay close attention to your system before an emergency occurs. Keep an eye out on these silent signs you need furnace repair in Post Falls, ID.

Your Furnace Cycles On and Off

Does your heater do a start and stop motion? You should know that there’s something in your system that causes it to cycle on and off than normal. Generally, it’s an indication of a dying fan motor or a worn-out heat sensor.

If your heater can’t complete a full heating cycle, it definitely needs expert furnace repair service in Post Falls, ID.

Yellow Burner Flame

Take a glance on your furnace as you fire it up. Do you see any difference in the color of the burner flame? If the flame color is yellow, you can assume that the problem is any of the following:

  • The gas isn’t burning off completely.
  • Your furnace isn’t heating to its utmost potential.
  • Carbon monoxide isn’t vented out properly.

Be sure to check with your furnace repair contractor in Post Falls, ID, to know what’s wrong with your burner’s flame color.

Spiking Energy Bills

There are various issues that can cause your utility bills to increase dramatically. But if your system is struggling to get the job done, then a deeper problem might a culprit. It could be a clogged filter or a broken furnace component. When your system is failing, it requires more electricity to work to meet your comfort demands.

Water Leaks

It’s surely a sign of trouble once you see a puddle of water around your system. What you need to do is to identify where the water is coming from. Especially if the leak only shows when your furnace is on, it’s a strong indication of a clogged drain line or a more severe issue going on.

Water leaks aren’t simple fix where you can apply your DIY efforts. You’ll need the help of a professional furnace repair in Post Falls, ID for the best solution.

Cold Spots

While your heater is running, there should be no space for cold. But if some areas at home are unusually cold and less comfortable than the others, then you know that’s something’s off with your system. However, not all cold spots are caused by issues in your systems, so it will help to consult an expert to look into it.

Repeat Service Calls

Recurring problems on your furnace is a red flag that it’s on its last leg. So if you have to make several furnace repair calls in Post Falls, ID, maybe it’s time to let go of your old system. Don’t settle with an inefficient heating system just because you’re trying to save money. Investing in a new furnace will save you from bigger issues in the future.

Moisture Buildup

Have you noticed that moisture started to build up in some rooms of the house? Either the moisture is on the walls, ceilings, or windows, it’s an evident sign of insufficient airflow throughout your home. Damp or stagnant air is a symptom of an issue in the vents or in your furnace.

Be sure to pay close attention to any signs of condensation as it could lead to severe problems in the future.

Eerie Sounds

Unusual sounds from your furnace don’t mean that your house is haunted! Generally, furnaces don’t make a loud noise during operation. But over time, with wear and tear, some of the mechanical elements of your system might have been damaged. This causes your furnace to produce odd, creepy noises that may give you sleepless nights. These sounds are warning signs of a bigger issue lurking in your system. Contact a furnace repair company in Post Falls, ID for inspection and appropriate solution.

Many of these problems can grow into expensive service calls if not acted upon immediately. As soon as you noticed any of these signs in your furnace, feel free to call Bill’s Heating & A/C for your furnace repair needs.

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