Adding Value to Real Estate with Smart Technology

Smart Home Apps

If you are a DIY fan, you have probably seen a lot of the cable shows where you can watch homeowners add value to their properties by remodeling the bathroom, redoing the kitchen, adding a pool, building out the family room, or installing modern landscaping.

Investing in remodeling your home or your Bloomington apartment doesn’t absolutely guarantee an increase in value, but there are accepted guidelines you can follow than can give you an idea of the investment amount that could be recouped from adding an extra bedroom, for example. There are some easier ways to had value to your real estate, however, and that can be accomplished by installing smart technology.


Thermostats used to be controlled manually. If you looked inside you would see a glass tube with a blob of mercury floating in it. When a temperature sensitive spring would move, the mercury would complete an electrical circuit, and that would turn on your furnace. Digital thermostats came next, and now you have the option of installing a smart thermostat that can be controlled from your mobile device. Presets including future settings, time-of-day ranges and controls for vacation periods can all be done remotely. The days of mistakenly leaving your home at a toasty 75 degrees because you left for work in a hurry will be long gone, and you will satisfy potential buyers that are looking for the latest tech advances


First, switch to LED lights. These now come in many shapes and sizes, are much cheaper to operate, and last a lot longer than standard incandescent or even fluorescent fixtures. You can actually now buy an LED entrance fixture that doesn’t have a bulb and will last for 30 years. Next, combine your LEDs with a smart lighting app. You’ll be able to control your home’s entire system from your smart device, and some sophisticated installations will allow you to change light color hues. This will definitely add value to your home.


Your garden is another area where a good sprinkler system combined with a smart app can really add value because, especially if you live in a water-challenged part of the country, a system that could save a potential buyer even just $100 per month will greatly add to your property’s value. Designed with the proper hardware, you garden smart app can analyze your soil moisture, make recommendations for watering, and even interface with the local weather forecasts and conditions to make sure that you are not watering when it rains.


Remember when motion detectors were the newest innovation in your first home purchase? Smart apps take you much further than that now with cameras that can see anywhere inside and outside of your home; they also feature door knobs that you can speak through and scare away a potential burglar. Smart entrance systems will also allow you to change entrance codes remotely.

Adding value to your home need not only be accomplished with brick and mortar. Think smart apps as a great way to push your property value upward.


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