Apartment In Turkey On The First Coastline – Is It Worth Buying?

Istanbul Turkey

Having decided to buy an apartment in one of the resorts of Turkey, all foreign buyers ask themselves the question: where exactly should their future home be located? What is better to choose – real estate near the sea, on the slopes of the mountains, or in the depths of residential areas? If you are looking for a reliable developer in Turkey go over to the Turk.Estate website, where there are plenty of options for purchase. Many investors from abroad want their new home to be located close to the sea, that is, on the first coastline. But do not forget that housing on the coast, despite its many advantages, has its own characteristics.

Why choose Turkey for investing

Over the past 2021, more than 43 million tourists visited this country. Local resorts are popular with the British and Europeans. And this popularity is easy to explain, because in the Republic of Turkey there is a wonderful climate, the development of hotel and entertainment infrastructure is at a high level, and vacation prices are considered among the most affordable.

Numerous tourists are a stable and reliable source of income for investors who invest in Turkish housing. After all, today many people prefer to rent an apartment or apartments for a vacation, rather than staying in hotels. Therefore, housing on the coast will never be empty during the season. The main thing is to choose a promising option and use it wisely.

The infrastructure of cities has been undergoing large-scale transformations since the 2000s. Significant projects are being implemented in the field of reconstruction of roads and bridges, as well as in the field of real estate. The construction sector is growing at a fast pace, and people are actively buying apartments in modern residential complexes both for cash and mortgages.

In order to assess how powerfully the infrastructure of Turkey is developing, just look at the skyscrapers of Istanbul. This city, like many others in the country, has become very popular among real estate investors due to affordable modern facilities with developed infrastructure, landscaped areas, comfortable layouts, etc.

What is the first line?

The generally accepted classification of resort property concerning the coast is as follows:

  • First-line. The facilities are located near the sea. The distance to the beach is no more than one hundred meters. Housing is not fenced off from the beach by a road, an embankment, or other buildings.
  • Second line. There can be a road or an embankment between the houses and the sea. Distance to the coast – up to two hundred meters.
  • The third, fourth line – houses are located in the depths of residential areas. The distance to the coast is over three hundred meters.

Benefits and features of living by the sea

Apartments on the first coastline have several characteristics that potential buyers should know about. 

  • The sea from the window of your own apartment

A house a stone’s throw from the beach offers stunning sea views from the window of your own bedroom or living room. This unique location ensures that no other building blocks the enchanting panorama of nature that opens up. In addition, most Turkish developers in such homes provide large windows and terraces to take advantage of the unique location to the maximum.

  • Distance from the beach

An apartment on the first line in Turkey is ideal for beach lovers. In just a few minutes after leaving the house, you can be on the coast and enjoy swimming in the sea, sunbathing, breathing in the sea air, and just enjoying life. A tempting prospect, isn’t it?

  • Sun in the windows

One of the features of apartments by the sea is that the sun shines through the windows almost all day. In such apartments, it is always light, and in winter, on the sunny side, heating costs will be much lower.

  • Great chance to earn

It is profitable to rent out your apartment in Turkey in summer, especially if it is located by the sea. Such apartments are always in demand among foreign tourists, as many prefer the properties located closest to the beach. Of course, renting out real estate by the sea will allow the owner to receive a large profit. The cost per square meter is constantly growing, therefore, such apartments are an excellent investment.

Affordable cost of properties

A buyer with any budget can enter the Turkish real estate market. Here you can find offers at a price of EUR 25,000. But if we talk about a profitable investment, then the lower cost threshold is EUR 50,000. This is the price at which you can buy a guaranteed liquid property with high characteristics.

Mid-price offers are properties worth up to EUR 150,000. Luxury options can be purchased at a price of EUR 500,000.

As a housing for investment, one can consider not only housing, but also commercial real estate. Its cost is determined depending on the quality and location. For several tens of thousands of euros, you can buy a small street trade facility. Cafes, restaurants, hotels, shopping and entertainment centers are also available for purchase.

Real estate in Turkey

Whether it is worth buying apartments in Turkey on the first coastline or giving preference to properties located at some distance from the coast – each investor decides for himself. You can find out objective information directly from the owners of apartments by the sea, as well as from experienced real estate specialists who value their reputation and provide clients with extremely reliable data. Contact Turk.Estate and the agents will help you find the right options that will fit one hundred percent of your idea of ​​the ideal holiday home.

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