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Architecture was always an exciting and challenging science. If you are considering having a career in architecture, you should be ready for a long and difficult education and have a bright and outstanding mind. Architecture isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life. To excel in architecture, you must never stop learning and be prepared to experiment.

Architecture can shape the world, and aspiring architects must undertake rigorous learning and training to succeed in this field. Unfortunately, higher education costs may be a barrier for many students. Scholarships help remove that financial burden while recognizing students’ achievements and potential. To obtain a decent architecture scholarship, students must start preparations early, maintain a high GPA and write an outstanding admission essay.

To guarantee a top-notch quality essay and solid personal statement, students can order a college admission essay from, which can help to improve their chances of getting a scholarship. We’ve explored five attractive architectural scholarships for college students to choose from. Each of our scholarship programs is available for international students and provides partial compensation for the cost of living and tuition.

#1 Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Fulbright foreign scholarships are available for international students worldwide. The program includes various scholarships to pursue higher education in the United States, including architecture. Applicants who receive this funding have access to prestigious American universities and valuable alum networks available through the program. Those interested should focus on excelling academically, curating a portfolio that outlines their talents and enthusiasm for study, and presenting themselves as motivated individuals ready to use the scholarship’s offers upon acceptance.

Explore the scholarship: Fulbright Foreign Student Program

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#2 The Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) Foundation Fellowship

The Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) Foundation provides various fellowship programs to support young architects as they pursue their careers. Its SOM Foundation Fellowship grants financial aid for educational expenses such as travel and research.

To be successful candidates, applicants must have an impressive academic background, a captivating portfolio showcasing architectural designs, and well-thought-out proposals demonstrating how they plan to apply for the funding following the foundation’s primary objectives. To increase your chances of success in this fellowship program, spend time honing your plans, ensuring your portfolio displays the best art pieces you can create, and asking for corroborative letters from teachers or peers that legitimize all these elements.

Explore the scholarship: SOM Foundation Fellowship

#3 The Architects Foundation Diversity Advancement Scholarship

The Diversity Advancement Scholarship believes that minorities, who have long been underrepresented in the architecture profession, have unique points of view and ideas which increase creativity when designing for the built environment. In an effort to promote diversity and combat this issue, a scholarship program was created offering up to $20,000 toward undergraduate architecture degrees from NAAB-accredited programs in the United States.  

To be eligible for this scholarship opportunity, applicants must meet specific criteria:

  • Be a US citizen with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • High school students planning to pursue an architecture degree at a NAAB-accredited school
  • Rising second-year college students currently enrolled in a NAAB accredited program

Technical school or community college students who have completed high school or its equivalent and intend to transfer into accredited university degree programs are welcome too! The award is renewable each year until graduation – providing annual funds up to $4K per annum leading up to total potential funding of $20 thousand over five years maximum.

Explore the scholarship: Architects Foundation Diversity Advancement Scholarship

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#4 The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Scholarships

The Royal Institute of British Architects (ARIBA) is now accepting applications for the 2023 AHR Scholarship. This scholarship was made possible thanks to a generous donation from AHR, and it aims to address the lack of inclusivity at the Part 2 stage of professional architecture qualification by providing financial aid to talented students who may not be able to cover their costs without assistance.  

One scholarship worth £6,000 will be given out this year to support a student throughout their RIBA Part 2 course in the United Kingdom. The successful applicant can also look forward to mentoring with an architect from AHR’s team, work placement opportunities at one of the practice’s offices, and access to technical resources and support from their diverse practitioners. 

In addition, this scholarship mainly looks favorably on those from a low-income background and could help them succeed in this field. Applications close on 28 April 2023 and would-be participants are encouraged to visit ARIBA’s website for more detailed information about eligibility criteria and how to apply for this excellent opportunity.

Explore the scholarship: RIBA Scholarships

#5 BSc Architecture Scholarship

The University of Reading offers a BSc Architecture scholarship for entry in 2023. To be eligible, applicants must meet the following criteria: AAB at A level (or equivalent), an impressive interview performance demonstrating excellent design and representation skills, with a clear commitment to studying architecture. Furthermore, applicants must also satisfy all conditions of entry as specified by the university.

Once conditional offer holders provide results, they must hold an unconditional place in the BSc Architecture program before August 31st, 2023. Open to all candidates from any country who intend to enroll directly into Year 1; those who already possess another degree or higher education qualifications are not eligible for this scheme.

Payments are available annually and distributed upon successful enrollment each year. However, payments may be withheld if satisfactory performance isn’t achieved in previous years of studies. The maximum number of yearly payments may extend up to 3yrs depending on progress throughout the program, while being ineligible should deferral occur after enrolment has taken place. Please get in touch with the Undergraduate Admissions Team via to apply for a scholarship.

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