Benefits Of Composite Decking

Bicycle On Composite Deck

It isn’t surprising that composite decking is becoming increasingly popular, especially because of all the environmental benefits of using it as opposed to timber or plastic materials.   When making a choice on the decking options that suit you best it can be overwhelming, but we have compiled a list of reasons why composite decking is one of the best choice and how it can benefit the whole family:

It’s Durable

Unlike wooden and PVC decking materials, composite decking will not warp, rot, splinter or crack, which makes it safe for small feet and hands of children and pets.  If these benefits aren’t enough, it is also stain and mold resistant, and unlikely to fade which makes it a superior option to wood and PVC.  These attributes make it possible for you to use your deck all year round, with or without shelter even with the unpredictable Melbourne weather. Find out more about composite deck at this local deck supplier, Super Deck.

Low Maintenance

Composite deck usually requires little to no maintenance, with the only requirement being the need to occasionally brush down and wash the deck once or twice a year.  Compared to the regular requirement of other decking materials that need staining and sealing, composite decking is a breeze for long term use and will continue to look good all year round.  This low maintenance option is great for busy families or business professionals whose spare time is precious.


One of the many great features of composite decking is that while it looks and feels like wood, it’s actually made of recycled materials such as offcuts of plastic and timber.  With so many more Australian’s being conscious of sustainability, this is the best choice if you wish to leave a minimal footprint on the environment.

Good Warranty

Manufacturers base their warranty on how well a product is likely to perform over time.  Composite decking comes with a warranty of between 15 and 25 years.  Based on this amount of time the product is likely to perform well and the manufacture is confident your decking will be like new for up to 25 years.  Some composite deck products also come with a fade and stain warranty too, which is not usual for other decking products.

Cost Effective

While more traditional decking choices such as wood will fade and need maintenance or replacement over time, composite decking lasts longer because of its durability and strength from the materials used to make the product. Even though composite decking costs more on the outset, there are minimal ongoing expenses.


A splinter free deck means you can let your family and pets spend time on it worry free, additionally, composite decking is also slip free which means you can use it all year round regardless of the Melbourne weather.  Because of the materials used, composite decking is also free of mold that can build up on wooden decks from rain and other water sources.

Clean Finish

For a stylish look, composite decking doesn’t expose bolts, nails or other attachments.  This makes installation easy and a clear finish that won’t leave nails sticking out and catching on clothes or feet, or need replacing over time.  Other decking types may have nails and bolts come loose over time and form algae on them, which could result in slipping or tripping, which makes composite decking the safer option.

Durability and Color

One reason people see having a deck as a chore is because of the need to frequently retain its color.  Composite deck doesn’t require ongoing management of color and stain because it comes with UV protection which stops it from fading.  There are many colors to choose from which will allow you to cohesively install a deck to compliment your house color or garden.

We have explored the many benefits of using composite decking for your garden.  All the reasons explored have been with thought to being environmentally friendly, as well as making sure you are using the safest product for your family and pets.   All that is left for you to do is choose the color and begin building that deck you have been dreaming of.

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