Best Tips For Staging Your Home

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There is a reason why first impressions are important. We unwittingly utilize them in our everyday lives to determine what’s positive or negative. With that being said, the best real estate agents know the powerful impact of first impressions.

Nothing exemplifies that more than staging a home. The purpose is to appeal to potential buyers and eventually pull up that ‘sold!’ sticker over your ‘for sale’ sign. However, the real estate market is competitive – especially for sellers. You’re going against numerous sellers that have the same idea in mind.

The trick to staging your home lies in how you can make it stand out from the rest. Buyers only have a short time to check out your house before continuing their house hunt. The goal should be to leave a big first impression in a short timeframe. You need to essentially have your buyers fall in love with the house at first sight.

In an instant, they should be able to visualize how it would feel to live there. As the seller, you should set the scene up for your buyers by meticulously crafting the ideal home. However, it’s not easy to know what everyone would like. If you need a helping hand, here are a few of the best tips for staging your home successfully!

Easy Tips to Consider Before Staging Your Home

Give Outside Attention

The outside of your home is truly where initial first impressions occur. When your buyers drive up to your home, you don’t want them to be put off by exterior grime that makes the house look drab. You can easily remedy this issue by pressure washing any built-up dirt you see outside your home. In addition, if you have any garden beds at the front, give them a little makeover. Start by cleaning around and filling the beds with lovely flowers and shrubs. Nothing is more inviting than greenery – especially during winter! You can add planters with winter-friendly shrubbery like evergreens.

Lighting is Everything

Lighting can easily influence the atmosphere and mood of a room. It is best to opt for daylight light bulbs since they emit bright illuminations the most and will highlight your home’s features better. However, you don’t need to restrict yourself to just daylight light bulbs. You can add touches of warm light bulbs to bedroom nightstand lamps for a touch of ambiance. But also be careful of where you use warm lighting – too much can make a home look unappealing, especially in a bathroom. Warm lighting in a bathroom makes it seem old and needs repair.

Fully renovated apartment in the old part of Montreal

Renovations and Repairs

This suggestion is vital. When buyers are scoping out your home, they are also looking for potential flaws, and any damage can cost you the sale. Best to inspect your home and get any necessary repairs out of the way before buyers at your door. Beyond repairs, go above and beyond to give spaces in your home a facelift. The kitchen is always a great place to consider renovations. Take the extra effort, and you will see it pay off in dollars once you sell your home!

Clear Things Out

Naturally, it would help to clean your home from top to bottom. Beyond that, you should be mindful of clutter since it can impact how buyers view the spaciousness of your home. You want to be able to show off how much space you have. Start by organizing your closet to emphasize storage. Also, paring furniture would help make a living room bigger. Plus, effectively position them away from your walls so the room’s layout is fluid and open. Lastly, it’s best to depersonalize your home when staging. Toys, personal photos, and framed credentials can make it hard for potential buyers to visualize your home as theirs. Tuck those away for your new home, and display generic art pieces when staging your home instead.

Consider Decor Aesthetics

Don’t have an eye for aesthetics? Don’t worry – here are some ideas that can work easily for any home. Consider painting an accent wall. It brings a splash of colour to your home that’s eye-catching. When accessorizing elements of your home, keep in mind that lining things up in odd numbers like three are pleasing to the eyes. Also, be mindful of the scale of your objects – best to put larger items in the back with smaller ones in front. To come together, make sure accessories and items have a unifying element like colour, shape, or texture. Another good tip: make sure your drapes are the same colour as your walls and make sure it’s not pooling on your floor. It gives the illusion to buyers that a room is more spacious!

Selling a home is never easy. Yet, these insightful tips will make the process easier, and you can wow your buyers. The better your home looks, the faster it will be to get your home sold and make a profit.


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