Cooling Technology To Make Your Old Bed Feel New

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Staying cool at night can be a real challenge, and a lot of people find it almost impossible to not be woken up drenched in sweat because they can’t regulate their temperature. However, thanks to modern technology, there are solutions to your problems. They can come in a wide range of types and are extremely useful when you can’t get to sleep. So, keep reading and discover the latest cooling technology that will make your old bed feel brand new!

Cooling Mattresses

If you want to prevent overheating, then a cooling mattress is just what you need. You can get mattresses that have built in cooling gels so that when you lay down on them, the gel is activated. These also only work when in contact with your body, making them ideal for hot summer nights. Other gels are cool to the touch and remain cool at all times, but they will both work in the same way to cool your down. You can get mattress toppers that help to cool you down as well, and these often contain a similar gel to what you’d find built into the other mattresses. They’ll often be made of latex to help draw away warmth and moisture, allowing your body to naturally cool down without having to resort opening all the windows. There are thousands of cooling mattress toppers available, so you’ll never struggle to find one no matter how big or small your mattress is! So, if you want to keep cool all night long, you definitely need to upgrade your mattress to one equipped with the latest cooling technology.

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Air and Water Cooling Systems

If you’re in love with your mattress and wouldn’t dream of changing it, then you could look at air and water cooling systems instead. These are placed outside of the bed, either at the end of the mattress or slightly under the bed, and work to keep you cool. One interesting piece of kit is the BedJet 3 Climate Control system that helps to quickly cool down your bed by using an air-delivery nozzle to force cool air throughout. It’s also incredibly versatile as it can be used as a heater too should you need it. There are other products that work using water, such as the ChiliPad Cube Heating and Cooling system. This machine helps to regulate your body temperature through a mattress pad that’s connected to the water unit. It’s also super cheap to run and will cost you no more than the running of a lightbulb. You can also use it to heat up the bed if you need to as well just in case those winter nights are too cold for even you to handle. So, if you want to stay cool without replacing your mattress and save money on your energy bill, air and water cooling systems are just the thing you need.

Pillow Devices

Another great advancement in cooling technology is devices that can be used with your pillows. Most people try to sleep on the cool side of the pillow, but when you’re constantly overheating, that can be a thing you only dream about. But with the help of the Moona smart pillow temperature device, you can easily have a cool pillow for many night’s to come. The Moona works by being placed under your pillows and helping to keep it cool. However, it’s not as simple as that as it actually figures out what your optimal temperature should be and sets itself to that. You may find that even if you have a cooling mattress topper that your head, neck, and shoulders are still too warm. But with a cooling pillow device, that will no longer be an issue. You’ll be able to reduce your core temperature and keep your head cool at the same time, allowing you to reach your optimal sleeping temperature.

Staying cool at night doesn’t have to be a distant dream anymore as modern technology has really opened up the doors for hot sleepers You can easily reduce your body temperature with the help of cooling gel mattresses and mattress toppers. Alternatively, you can go for electrical options like air and water systems to really control how cool you get. So, if you’re a hot sleeper that’s completely fed up with night sweats and constant tossing and turning, you definitely need to enlist the help of modern cooling technology. You’ll soon be enjoying a great night’s sleep for the foreseeable future without overheating!

Top 5 Heavy Duty Beds for The Plus Sized

Sleep is the foundation of robust health. Lack of restful sleep leads to diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, and obesity. Having a sound and rejuvenating sleep is the fundamental right of every human being, there is no reason that people on the larger side should be robbed of the right to sleep in peace.

But, more often than not, they are robbed of this utility due to smaller or inferior quality bed frames that restrict your movement during sleep as well as in and out of bed.

Heavy Duty Beds are for individuals with large frames who weigh over 350 lbs, or individuals between 250-350 lbs, along with medical conditions like mobility impairment, back pain, and others around the clock. By design, Heavy Duty Beds withstand extreme pressure and high weight without inflicting any injury on the body. Heavy frames are made of strong materials to ensure that large-sized individuals have a good quality of sleep at night without incurring injuries on their backs or any other body part. In addition, heavy Duty beds have many health benefits such as increased mobility, decreased chances of back pain, and stronger joints.

Live larger than life in every moment with top-of-the-line extra large bed frames that can hold a lot of weight.

1. Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame By Barton

Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame By Barton

If you are planning to get a bed frame for a large-sized person yet are short on budget, this Barton platform bed frame was formulated and assembled just for you.

In addition, the ample height of this bed frame makes it a perfect fit for tall individuals who often suffer discomfort due to their sporadic structure.

The sturdy and robust steel frame and its superior quality help you save more money by eliminating the need for a box spring.

The offsets underneath every edge to prevent the tipping of the frame and your toes from injury is by far the best feature of this frame.

Though a bit heavy to carry home, this frame is easy to assemble on your own.

2. Platform Bed Frame By Zinus

Platform Bed Frame By Zinus

Zinus has been spearheading the comfort industry by redefining it through its innovations.

This platform bed frame by Zinus boasts a compact design that guarantees smooth passage through narrow stairways and slender doorways.

Apart from the ample 14-inch deep bed frame, it also consists of a 12-inch clearance under the frame, which makes for the perfect storage space for your most prized possessions.

The Easy to Assemble SmartBase features several contact points to the floor, which provides greater level support and enhanced weight distribution. At the same time, its solid steel structure will effectively protect your mattress against damages and sagging, allowing you to enjoy it for much longer.

This highly innovative and extra sturdy bed frame is ideal for a heavy person who seeks enhanced comfort, noise-free and slip-free support.

Zinus promises easy assembling of the bed frame by eliminating the need for any hardware tools whatsoever. You won’t feel the need for even a hardware box spring.

The SmartBase feature consists of multiple contact points to the floor, ensuring ergonomic weight distribution and stable support.

Zinus’ Platform Bed Frame is a perfect fit for couples or individuals who prefer a noise-free and slip-free bed frame.



Malouf has hit no less than a home run with this metal bed frame with steel wedge locks.

You can use it as just a bed or as a substitute for bed rails. The footboard and the headboard can be connected through universal brackets and bedrails that span across their lengths.

This bed is unique owing to its wedge lock feature. The more weight you put on these connectors, the stronger they get, sounds magical, doesn’t it? Well, science can be magical indeed.

It consists of six height glides, allowing you to customize and adjust it according to your comfort for your storage and height needs.

If you are judging the durability of this frame by any chance, please don’t. The Malouf STRUCTURES STEELOCK comes with a lifetime warranty, what more assurance would one need?

On top of it all, it comes in Cal King, Twin, King, Queen, and even full configurations.

If you’re still not convinced, its affordable price is sure to seal the deal for you.

4. 7 Leg Adjustable Bed Frame By Kings Brand Furniture

7 Leg Adjustable Bed Frame By Kings Brand Furniture

This bed can be considered the King Of Beds with seven legs and the option of facilitating easy movement by fitting the frame with wheels. The comfort, structure, durability, and quality offered by Kings Brand Furniture are unparalleled.

Though not available in King size configuration, the strong steel frame provides strength and durability to carry the weight of the headboard and the mattress for full, twin, and queen configuration.

The center support promises stable weight distribution, and the rug rollers and wheels allow you to move it around the house with ease. The rug rollers require a carpet so that they dont slip.

If you’re a minimalistic individual or couple, this bed is for you since it is low-key and offers ample storage space underneath the mattress.

Not only is this bed frame strong and sturdy, but it is also cost-effective.

5. T-3000 Bed Frame By Olee Sleep

With a 15-inch mattress slot, the T-3000 bed frame by Olee Sleep offers sturdy support and sheer comfort without having to invest in box springs.

The bed frame comes with all the required tools and screws to assemble it without scratching your head. In addition, the bed frame comes packed in styrofoam plastic which saves the trouble of cleaning it after assembling.

Not only does the bed come with a five-year warranty, but in case of a damaged frame, the supplier is more than happy to replace it within 24 hours.

The entire bed frame area is available for storing items that are less than a foot in size. Thus you might not place your bags below it, but it makes for the perfect place to store boxes and bins.

For those whose homes have hardwood floors, it is necessary to practice caution by placing a carpet below, as this bed frame has been shown to slip on such floors.

Plus-sized individuals and couples don’t need to get disheartened or surrender to inferior quality of sleep. With so many options available for large-sized beds, at least now you don’t have to lose sleep over the search for a bed frame that fits your needs. Before making a decision, always have a realistic idea of how much floor area you have, how much you would be willing to allow for the bed so that there is ample space for movement and other essential accessories in your bedroom, and choose wisely.

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