DIY Sofa Renovation Ideas

Orange Sofa

Sofas are expensive. And when you buy online, they can take an absolute AGE to get delivered to you. So instead of going sofa shopping, why not renovate your current sofa to give it a new lease of life?

We have plenty of ideas, from simply accessorising to a big DIY reupholster job, to get your sofa looking brand new with sofa legs or new slipcovers.

Although a sofa may seem like something you wouldn’t want to renovate yourself, there are actually many things you can do to give it a brand-new look without much skill involved.

Do your bit for the environment and make the most out of what you already have!

Make a Statement with Unique Sofa Legs

The shoes can make or break an outfit. And it’s the same with sofas. The sofa legs you choose can give your sofa a brand-new look. It can make it look unique and modern and add something different to your living room piece.

There is a variety of styles to choose from to suit your living room’s aesthetic. Whether you like the look of plain wooden brown, or edgy circles for something different, you’ll be overwhelmed with options.

Add a Pop of Colour

Simply changing the colour of your sofa can make a huge difference. This can be done through accessories, different sofa legs or using a throw. Or if you want to reupholster it completely, think of colours that would complement the style of your room.

Boring neutrals can lose their touch over time, so why not think about choosing a bold colour to make it a statement piece? It can become the focal point of your room, whether it’s your bedroom, living room or office space. Reupholster it with a bright colour to make a noticeable difference.

Upgrade Your Sofa Accessories

If you don’t have the skills to renovate or you’re worried about messing it up, you can accessorise your sofa with cushions and pillows for a new look.

Matching your living room’s colour palette with your new cushions is a must.

Tufting Time

For a more polished and tailored look, tufting will give your back cushions a plumper look and give the impression that the sofa is new.

After some time, it’s likely that back sofa cushions can become saggy and unkempt. This can give a tired and old look to your sofa, so redoing the tufting can make all the difference.

Sorting this out will instantly give your sofa a new look without the need for spending loads.

Craft a Slipcover

Using a slipcover is an easy way to upgrade your sofa and change the style. This is perfect if you’re moving home or redecorating and need a quick way to match your sofa.

You can buy these or create your own, choosing whatever fabric you like the look of. If you’re in a rush or need a quick fix for your sofa, buying one is your best option.

How To Reupholster a Sofa

If a couple of simple tweaks won’t be enough, you should think about getting it reupholstered. There are plenty of specialists out there who will do this for you if you’re too worried about trying it out yourself.

However, if you have your fair share of upholstering experience, delve into the world of online tutorials for help. You can use this DIY project to try out new skills, and it will definitely be cheaper than forking out for a new sofa.

A New Look

If you can’t afford a new sofa, but you’re decorating, moving house or you want to give it a new look, there are many affordable ways to do so.

From picking trendy sofa legs to giving it a new slipcover or renovating it with a bright new colour, there’s no need to buy a new sofa if you don’t have the means to.

Since your sofa is likely to be one of the largest pieces in your room, it’s important to spend some time on it. Whether you’re going to get a professional to do the job, or you’re going to try adding accessories to complement it, whatever you choose is sure to make a worthy difference.

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