Do Outdoor Fire Heaters Work in Winter?

Outdoor Fire Heater

If you take pride in your garden and enjoy hosting BBQs in the summer, it can be disappointing when the winter comes. You’re less likely to want to spend time outside, meaning no more outdoor gatherings.

But this doesn’t have to be the case, you can purchase an outdoor fire heater to keep the party going through the winter!

With an outdoor fire pit, you can add to the stunning setting you’ve already created for your garden. It’s the best way to improve your outdoor area for the colder months, and there are a variety of styles to fit the aesthetic and size of your garden.

Think late-night parties and Halloween events, bonfire night and Christmas gatherings. The outdoors will no longer be a no-go area with the addition of an outdoor fire heater.

This article will look into how fire pits can work during the cold months and the benefits of buying one to help with your decision-making.

How Do They Work?

You might feel hesitant about buying a patio heater if you don’t fully understand how they work in the colder months. Depending on the heater, they can work differently.

They can either run on electricity, propane gas or natural gas.

Radiant patio heaters will constantly radiate heat whilst heating the air to spread warmth evenly over a large amount of area.

Infrared heaters use technology to heat nearby objects and people. This is usually the strongest type of outdoor heater and will stop you from feeling cold quickly.

Electric heaters aren’t as mobile as other heaters as they need to be connected to an electricity source to work. They work by drawing heat from electricity and generating heat from this.

So no matter how cold it gets, the radiant heat and infrared rays heat the surrounding air to keep you warm, exactly like the sun.

Choose The Right Size and Area

One of the most important aspects of choosing the right heater is getting the correct size for your type of garden. Ultimately, the bigger your garden the more cold air, so the bigger the fire pit. Usually, one heater can radiate around 6-10 feet of heat. Measure the area you’d like to place it to see how efficient the heater will be.

You also need to place it in the right area, there’s no point having it far away from your seating area as you’re unlikely to feel the benefit. Make sure to obtain safety checks, such as making sure furniture isn’t too close to the heater – this can cause fire hazards and the potential for people to get hurt.

Buying the right size for your garden is what will make the difference between an effective and ineffective heater.

Continue the Party Outside

Being cold is an uncomfortable feeling, so when you have guests over heading outside in the winter is probably your last thought. Well, not for those with outdoor heaters.

They can make the outside a comfortable and cosy place, even in the winter. This means you’re not restricted to the inside of your flat, and it’s great for those who like to get fresh air whilst socialising.

This is one of the most common reasons for people to buy an outdoor fire heater for their garden. It gives you the option of being outside if you wish, and for those who have put a lot into their garden over the years, it’s great to know that you can enjoy it all year round.

Keep the Good Times Going

You know the feeling when you see an outdoor heater at the bar, restaurant or pub that you’re at. Why not bring that feeling into your very own garden? Outdoor parties can continue and you can host get-togethers any time of the year.

Patio heaters are a lot more effective due to heating the surrounding air instead of blowing out already-warm air.

So if you’re wanting to bring life to your garden in the winter, opting for an effective outdoor fire heater is the perfect way to continue the fun outside, no matter the weather.

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