Everything You Need to Know About Child-Friendly Furniture in 2023

Kid's Bedroom

You only appreciate the dangers lurking around the house once you have a child. Since it’s unrealistic to replace all of your home’s furnishings, you have a kid.

Experts agree that a child’s physical and mental health may be improved via the careful planning and execution of a safe and welcoming environment. As a result, children have boundless energy and a boundless capacity for play, inventiveness, and curiosity.

If you reside in Singapore, you will find child-friendly furniture at the store.

With this in mind, kid-friendly furnishings from furniture stores in Singapore should inspire imaginative play and facilitate risk-free exploration.

Let’s get into detail to know what all it is about!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Child-Friendly Furniture

Factor 1: Know Child Needs

Young children have a vivid imagination and a natural tendency toward play. They have a lot of energy and can be awkward and restless.

Therefore, their miniature furniture should react appropriately and fulfil a long list of needs, including but not limited to fostering play, physical exercise, creativity, exploratory abilities, increased cognitive functioning, and meeting stringent health and safety regulations.

Factor 2: Look for Viable Substitutes

Materials like wood and high-quality moulded plastic are viable substitutes.

However, the former is heavy and stiff and can scratch surfaces easily, whereas the latter is lightweight and flexible and will only do so sometimes.

 Factor 3:Avoid Sharp Edges

Sharp edges might cause injury. Therefore it’s best to utilize pliable, soft materials like expanded polystyrene foam.

Use antibacterial glossy or semi-glossy materials, microfiber, or vinyl to create smooth, chemically-free surfaces that are also easy to clean.

Factor 4: Go For Creative

Having a pleasing appearance is just as crucial as having practical capabilities. This is why you’ll find lots of bright, cheerful colours in kid’s furniture and why it typically has simple, instantly familiar designs like those of animals or geometric patterns.

However, the Montessori approach warns against providing too many alternatives since an overload of colour and texture can cause confusion and anxiety.

Factor 5:Ensure Soft Furnishings

Avoid using pillows and cushions with pom poms or other embellishments that can be readily removed by curious hands and turned into a choking danger.

Ensure it is soft and offers no harm to children no matter how they play and live.

Furniture That is Trendy in Singapore For Children

A few items of furniture you can shop from any of the furniture shops in Singapore that would look great in your child’s room are listed below.

Wooden Table

Buy your child the wooden table that not only converts into a multi-purpose table but also goes with any decor, so it can be used for everything from playing games to reading to doing homework and eating.

Simple to put up and highly durable, the wooden table will quickly become a child’s favourite place to do anything they desire.

You can have a kid-friendly square table constructed from high-quality rubberwood, so it will endure a long time and look great. In addition, it’s portable and convenient for use anywhere in the house.

Wooden stacking chair

This is an excellent addition to any living space, whether it be a classroom, a playroom, or a kitchen. For kids’ convenience, the chair’s seat may be set at one of two heights.

Buy a chair from any furniture store in Singapore that is composed of solid rubberwood and non-toxic paints and materials, and it has a lovely design that avoids harsh edges and has very smooth surfaces.

The chair prevents the child from being thrown from the chair and features a backrest to make extended periods of sitting more pleasant.

Kid-Friendly Bookshelf

Buy a bookshelf with rounded corners and safe, non-sharp edges, making it the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom. This bookcase for kids was made with non-toxic materials and paints.

A bookshelf for youngsters aims to instil a sense of responsibility and self-reliance through its design early on.

The bookshelf is effortlessly portable thanks to its four wheels. In addition, the bookshelf’s wheels may be locked, keeping the unit in one place and protecting children from potential injury.

Child's Bed With A Bookshelf On Top

Dollhouse Bookcase

Dollhouse bookcase that takes the form of a miniature house, making it an ideal addition to any girl’s or boy’s bedroom.

Toys, books, puzzles, and plush animals may all find a home in the five drawers over three levels. In addition, the gorgeous cabinet may double as a playhouse thanks to its sturdy wooden construction and non-toxic paint job.

Leg stands are included, and the stroller is light enough for a parent. In addition, it won’t fall over quickly, so it’s safe for kids.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are frequently considered a tiny space option, which is true,” but they may be utilized for kids’ rooms of any size to maximize floor space and offer additional sleeping locations for sleepovers.

Ensure it is soft enough to provide your child with a cosy space to rest and work.

Soft Sofas

Most suite and lounge packages are costly. Still, you can maintain your investment with frequent treatments of a surface protector like Scotchgard for fabric furniture or consider choosing a wipeable surface, like leather.

In addition, picking up a lounge with a solid structure will get you through the days when your kids use it as a trampoline. For security reasons, think twice about putting your sofa in a high-traffic area.

LED Lights and Lights

Floor lamps are attractive but pose a danger when children are around since they may be easily knocked over, leaving live wires and hot bulbs exposed.

If you have young children, it’s best to store lamps and lights at a high, out-of-reach location where they can’t reach the bulbs or the cables.

Changing to an LED or lower-wattage bulb is also recommended from any furniture shop in Singapore available.

The cables can be taped to the floor or skirting if it gives you pause for worry. Because of this, the risk of electrocution and suffocation will be diminished.

So, if you plan to buy the best child-friendly furniture in Singapore, go for a reliable furniture store in Singapore. Then, explore the best and trendy pieces that suit and match your needs.

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