Five Effective Ways to Minimize Your Heating Costs This Winter 

House During Winter

As inflation rates continue to rise, so do utility bills. Energy bills account for a large portion of monthly expenses of an average household. This is more pronounced during the winter season. That said, any tip to save on heating and plumbing costs this winter can come in handy. Winter weather varies from mild to frigid. During this season, everyone seeks warmth and comfort. Consequently, heating bills rise significantly.

While natural gas prices are beyond your control, there are ways to reduce incurring high heating costs. How well you maintain heat in your house is paramount. In addition, how you consume heat in your home affects your utility bills. Luckily, the following tried and tested tips can help you cut utility costs during the chilly winter months. 

Clean Your Heating System

One way to prolong any household appliance’s lifespan is to conduct regular maintenance. Your heating system is no different. Regularly clean your filters and ductwork. There are different makes of HVAC systems. This, however, doesn’t preclude any of them from requiring regular filter replacement and cleaning. 

The average duration for replacing filters may range from three to six months. If your system has thinner filters, you may need to replace them more frequently. For larger systems, filters need replacement after six to nine months. 

After cleaning or replacing your filters, the overall performance of your unit improves. The heating and cooling unit will also last longer. To further increase the efficiency of your heating system, have a pro check your ductwork. If there are leaks in the AC system, your plumber can do emergency AC service immediately. Fixing leaks prevents the loss of hot air from your system.

Set the Thermostat

During winter, you may be tempted to set your thermostat too high to counter the cold. However, this comes with a significant impact on your heating costs. You may end up spending extra money to settle your utility bills.

The optimal temperature to set your thermostat is 68 degrees Celsius. If at this temperature you are still feeling cold, wear warmer clothes. An increase by even one or two degrees can significantly increase your heating expenses. So, be careful when adjusting your thermostat.

Install a programmable thermostat to better control how you regulate the temperature in your house. It improves convenience as it automatically adjusts the temperature. You can also remotely adjust it when you are away from your home. Ultimately, you will save on costs drastically.

Digital thermostat

Insulate Your Piping System

This may sound contrary to our aim of reducing heating costs, but it may save your pipes. During winter, water inside the plumbing lines tend to freeze. Frozen water expands and may potentially lead to a burst. Insulate your pipes to avoid the risk of such plumbing emergencies and the resulting costly repairs. On the downside, you will incur insulation costs. However, in the long run, you will avoid floods in your home due to bursts or leaky plumbing lines.

Cover your Floor with Carpets

Floors are generally cold. They can, however, be frozen stiff during frigid conditions. You may want to crank up your thermostat if you love walking barefoot around your house. Doing that may lead to high power bills, however. The most effective solution is to cover your floors with rugs and carpets instead of setting your thermostat high.

Another way to keep your feet warm around the house is wearing warm socks. You can also wear slippers when walking around your home. 


Cover your Windows

Most of your house heating energy escape through windows. Lost energy account for a large percentage of the total energy produced. This then accords you the lowest-hanging fruit on reducing heating costs this winter. You only need to cover your windows properly. You can do that by Installing floor-length covers. Their benefits are two-fold. First, they will block cool air from entering the house. Second, they will trap the generated heat inside your home. 

Call your local technician if you notice that your windows are rusty and old to withstand the winter season. Be sure to undertake window repairs before the chilly winter months.  


Transition to Tankless Water Heater 

Consider investing in a tankless water heater. This type of heater can cut your heating bill by supplying you with hot water in your time of need rather than maintaining a huge volume of hot water even when you don’t need it.

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