Freestanding Baths Help You Luxuriate in Style: A Sanctuary Within the Sanctuary of Your Bathroom

Freestanding Bath

The bathroom is a crucial and frequently used area of your home. It’s much more than just a place to wash up. This space lets you relax and unwind with a warm and cosy bath while forgetting about your everyday stresses. A few relaxing scents and calming colour hues turn your bathroom into a private sanctuary in the comfort of your home. 

Obviously, one of the most important elements that impact how your bathroom looks and feels is her majesty – the bathtub. While there are many different types of tubs on the market, one incredibly cosy tub that’s slowly gaining popularity is the freestanding tub. 

The Comeback

Freestanding bathtubs were the standard some centuries ago. Back then, the only material options were metal or copper, which didn’t make them attractive. 

Nowadays, because of modern manufacturing techniques and intricate designs, freestanding bathtubs are becoming a common element in many households throughout Australia and the world. They’re slowly picking up popularity over the past several years, and it appears that this trend is here to stay. There are now many different sizes and styles, with choices to fit nearly every budget and bathroom space. 

Are you thinking of remodelling your bathroom and wondering what style of bathtub will work best in your house? Freestanding tubs come in a variety of designs and materials, each with unique characteristics and advantages. Read on to discover which one of them suits your private sanctuary the most! 

What Is the Best Material for a Freestanding Tub?

While they weren’t as versatile in the past, now they come in a wide range of materials. Take a look at the four most popular options below: 

Acrylic: If you’re looking for a smooth and lightweight bath in freestanding design, acrylic is the ideal material. Thanks to advanced construction technology, these baths have excellent thermal insulation, UV resistance, and almost no need for maintenance. Compared to other bathtub materials, acrylic tubs are more lightweight and less expensive; 

Stone: Stone freestanding bathtubs are strong and durable, providing you with long-lasting quality and peace of mind. They’re luxurious and extravagant, however, they’re typically much heavier than other bathtubs; 

Metal: Metal bathtubs are great at keeping the water hotter for longer. They add a classic charm to any provincial traditional bathroom design. They’re also quite durable, much like stone tubs;

Solid surface baths: These baths are constructed from composite materials that are similar to certain natural materials (such as stone or marble). They’re similar to stone tubs in their strength and effectiveness. 

Are There Different Types of Freestanding Bathtubs?

These cosy bathroom elements come in four different types. They’re available in different designs and finishes, so you can find a tub for any bathroom space ranging from contemporary to traditional designs: 

Classic Freestanding Design as a Statement Piece

The charm of the original copper/metal design from centuries ago is still present in this genuine freestanding option. This tub is ideal as a focal point for your bathroom. True freestanding bathtubs are designed to stand independently in the bathroom so that you can see them from all angles. As a result, they have a wider range of trendy shapes and designs. 

Back-to-Wall Tub to Save Space

Bath freestanding designs are ideal for larger spaces. However, if you want the look of a freestanding design but don’t have the room, choose a back-to-wall tub instead! These tubs have a long edge that will be flush against a wall. 

If you have immovable plumbing, but still want to fit a fashionable freestanding tub in your bathroom, this is an excellent option. The back-to-wall design will rest against the wall and leave more space for your other bathroom elements. These tubs offer a luxurious aesthetic in a practical and adaptable style. They’re also low on maintenance, as you don’t need to clean any inaccessible areas behind the bathtub. 

Corner Freestanding Bathtub for Extremely Small Bathrooms

Any freestanding tub can be placed in a corner. This is a fantastic choice for those who want to maximise the space in a small bathroom. Every square metre has huge importance in these bathrooms, which makes choosing a suitable bathtub a challenging task. 

There’s a variety of left-hand and right-hand designs that cater to your bathroom space. If your bathroom floor space is extremely low, consider pairing your tub with a shower enclosure to create an illusion of a bigger space. 

Traditional Clawfoot Bath

A clawfoot tub offers a more classic design that’s ideal for a traditional bathroom. These come in a slipper or double slipper shape in addition to the typical oval bath style. 

In the Victorian era, the elevated end of the slipper designs was used to give the bather some privacy. Today, this style offers more back and shoulder support. This tub is excellent for those with mobility difficulties because of the rolled design on the top. This makes getting in and out of the tub much simpler. 

There are several foot types available for clawfoot bathtubs, the lion’s paw is one of the most popular choices. As for colour finishes, there’s a variety of options, such as back, white, chrome, gold, brass, etc. This lets you mix and match the faucets, mixers, and accessories in your bathroom with your bathtub. 

What to Consider when Buying a Freestanding Tub?

  • If you’re getting a stone bath, consider installing suitable flooring, such as vinyl. These bathtubs are quite heavy and they will damage any weak or low-quality flooring. 
  • If you choose a freestanding tub design, you will need to take storage into account. Consider getting a caddy that sits on top of the bathtub or one that you can move around. Another option is a wall-mounted shelf that will hold all your essential products.
  • The sidewalls of these bath designs are high. As a result, children and adults with mobility issues may find it challenging to get in and out of them. Using bath steps and grab rails will easily solve this problem.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to add style to an ordinary bathroom, like changing the tapware finishes, the cabinet handles, etc. However, getting a cosy and fashionable tub is one that will help you take your precious self-care afternoons to the next level. Browse through the amazing freestanding bathtubs for sale and choose a new statement piece for your bathroom!

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