Home Improvement Tips: 11 Creative Ways to Add Curb Appeal For A Beautiful Home Exterior in 2023

Home Exterior

Curb appeal is something every homeowner should pay attention to. The home’s exterior can be likened to a magazine cover, as it gives an idea of what to expect in the interior. With curb appeal, you can add beauty to your home while increasing its resale value without breaking the bank.

In this article, we will explore creative ways you can make your home more attractive to prospective buyers.

Add Greenery

Adding greenery and florals is among the simplest (and most powerful) ways to add curb appeal to your home. If you run out of cash or lack time to invest in growing a garden, planters and window boxes will work fine. Plants can also be useful in highlighting and attracting attention to features like windows and entry points.

However, if you have limited space for a standing planter, get a hanging one. Even a beautiful plant layout will tremendously boost your home’s attractiveness.

Cater for your lawn

Lawn care is a major aspect of creating curb appeal. Thus, it is important to cater to your lawn by trimming the grass, cleaning leaves and uprooting weeds. Ensure your flowers are watered on a timely basis to look beautiful. Lawn care is not an expensive or complex project. However, if you lack the time, you can opt for lawn alternatives such as artificial turf.

Lawn Mower

Outdoor Lighting

Dark entryways are not inviting prospective homebuyers. Replace your outdated lamp or hanging bulb at the front entrance of your home with something fascinating and contemporary. Remove cobwebs and other dust from the outdoor light fitting as it will quickly improve the area’s appearance. You can also add some string lights to illuminate the pathway.

Outdoor Furniture

Having lots of outdoor furniture can make your outdoor space seem cluttered, while too little can make it appear abandoned or scanty. Thus, a nice balance is necessary. Also, ensure that your furniture is neat and well-maintained. If your goal is to create a sustainable, low-maintenance yard, consider adding an eco-friendly composite decking board and increase appeal by setting up some foldable seats and flower pots on it.

Outdoor Futniture

Use symmetry

Symmetrical layouts are key to appealing focal points and improving cohesion in your home. You can create this effect by placing flower pots or lanterns on both sides of your entrance door.

Update your mailbox

Replace your outmoded mailbox with a more elegant one. It’s a quick and simple project to carry on. It can add a subtle but important difference to your home’s visual appeal. The price may vary between £40 to £250 depending on the kind of mailbox you want (a freestanding or wall-mounted one).

Clear the gutters

Clear out the interior and exterior parts of your gutter, remove the dirt and wash the surface until they appear neat and spotless. This extra effort can improve the appearance of your home exterior.

Add Front door décor

Decorations are not just for holidays. Decors such as wreaths are easily available throughout the year and can improve the appearance of your doorway. Opt for wreaths manufactured from dried wildflowers and plants, or better still, buy ones made with faux plants. Stay away from wreaths that will look untidy during seasonal changes. Instead, choose the one that is low-maintenance and will look beautiful all season.

Paint your garage door

A new garage door is costly. However, you can update the look of an old one without the high expense by repainting it in a fresh colour. Begin by pressure washing the door to totally clean the surface, and then give it a fresh coat of paint.

Make the necessary repairs

Ensure you repair any minor issues such as cracked panels, flickering bulbs or peeling paint. These minor defects can be very easily noticed by potential home buyers, so it is important you spend time repairing them. Go around your home exterior and watch out for anything that demands quick repair, then attend to them.

Garden Art pieces

A great way to improve the appearance of your home exterior is by adding beautiful outdoor art pieces. Some examples are sculptures, statues, paintings and even bird feeders. Make sure they are weatherproof and sturdy enough to last through seasonal changes. Garden art pieces exude a creative ambiance and can dramatically add style to your outdoor space.

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