How To Create A Stylish Dining Area In Your Conservatory: A Short Guide


Using your conservatory as a dining area is a wonderful way to conserve space in the rest of your home and create a spacious and stylish dining area. If you enjoy having guests around or want the luxury of eating whilst surrounded by gorgeous garden views, below is a short guide to setting up a stylish dining area in your conservatory.

Install Conservatory Blinds

Conservatories are a beautiful place to set up a dining area, as they bring lots of natural light. This means you can enjoy meals with your family in a well-lit space. Natural light can improve mood and make a space feel more open. Some days, you may want privacy or adjust the amount of light coming through whilst eating, such as on bright summer evenings or when hosting a dinner party.

Installing vertical blinds for conservatory windows will provide you with the privacy you need when you need it. They can also keep the space cooler. You can find a range of vertical blinds at, which can be made to measure for your conservatory. They also stock blinds in a range of colours that would look great in a stylish dining area, such as duck egg, luxe teal, and plum.

Consider Your Choice Of Flooring

The main statement is made with the floor in a conservatory, as many conservatories do not have walls to paint or decorate. The most popular choices for a conservatory include vinyl, carpet, and laminate. Bear this in mind when choosing a colour scheme and other furniture, as you want your flooring to fit in well with this.

For a stylish dining area, wood effect laminate is a good option. If you do choose to go with wooden furniture, be sure to choose wood tones that complement one another. Another way to go is carpet, as this can add some luxury to your dining area. You might want to consider accidents if you have small children or clumsy adults, though, as carpets can be challenging to clean. If you want the feel of carpet without changing your flooring, find an oversized rug that fits well with your colour scheme.

Choose Wooden Furniture

As green areas like gardens usually surround conservatories, continuing that theme inside is a good idea. If your conservatory looks quite modern, adding wooden furniture will add a homely feel to your dining area. For a dramatic centrepiece, consider investing in a chunky wooden table made of oak, finished off with metal chairs for a truly rustic look.

You can dress up your dining chairs and make them more comfortable with some cute cushions. Do not forget to add a flower pot and a bright table runner to dress the table ready for your guests. If you want a stylish dining area, nothing screams luxury like wooden furniture.

Maintain A Colour Scheme

If you want your dining area to look well-rounded and complete, you should choose a colour scheme that works well in your conservatory and looks stylish. Choose colours that work well with the rest of your home and fit with the look you are going for. Choose natural colours such as beige, cream, and duck egg for a neutral vibe. You can also add a pop of colour into your space with a primary colour like red.

For a pastel and floral look, consider pastel greens, blues, and pinks. If your garden is full of flowers and plants, bringing that colour scheme inside will add class to any dining area. It will also draw more attention to the floral arrangements you have outside. Green is another excellent colour scheme for a conservatory, especially when using wooden furniture to create a natural vibe.

Lighting Ideas

Although conservatories are great for making use of the summer sun, adding extra lighting to your conservatory dining area can really set the mood on frosty winter nights. Just as with your dining table centrepiece, create a focal point with your lighting. A statement pendant lampshade or chandelier can add some class to your space and finish off the design of your room.

You can also add spotlights straight into the framework of your conservatory if you have wooden panels. For cosy summer nights with your partner or family, install a few string lights around the top of the room. There are plenty of string light ideas that look elegant and trendy in dining areas.

If you want to create a stylish dining area in your conservatory, start with blinds and flooring. Wooden furniture is a timeless and classic statement that can look great in a conservatory dining area. Add mood lighting and maintain a colour scheme throughout to finish off your room and have it ready in time for your next big dinner party.

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