How To Get Your Home Ready For Sale

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Do you have your mind set on selling your home but are not show where to start?

Every seller wants to sell their home quickly but also want a profit and this can prove very difficult.

Housebuyers4u (a specialist house buying company) tell us there are a number of things a home owners can do to get their home ready to sell and below they’ve listed a few of them.

Let’s get started:

1) Price your home correctly

Firstly before you do anything you need to make sure your home is priced correctly.

Before putting your house on the market do a little bit of homework. Search for houses which are similar to your house in size and in the same area then check how much they have sold for or how much they are currently on the market for. This will allow you to price your home more fairly and attract a good number of buyers.

2) Check market conditions

This is very important because if the market is quiet your home could remain on sale for months and months which is the last thing you want.

Look at past sales and contact multiple estate agents asking them the state of the market. If business is good for them and lots of houses are being sold, take the plunge and put yours on for sale.

3) Make sure your home is clean

This one is fairly obvious but you’d be surprised the amount of homeowners that leave this to the very end and often forget to deep clean their home.

Don’t be one of these people! Clean your home from top to bottom including awkward areas under and behind furniture.

4) Fix the little things that stand out

These type of fixes would fall under ‘minor repairs’ and need to be done before any viewings. They can include things like:

  • Cracked tiles
  • Rusty door handles
  • Leaking taps
  • Broken side skirts

5) Stage your home for viewing

A home that looks spacious will always be more appealing to buyers. When you’re staging your home try to remove big bulky furniture that may block pathways or make the home look smaller.

In addition it’s a good idea to declutter and remove as many personal items as possible. This is because when potential buyers visit a home, they often try to imagine themselves living there. When the house is full of personal items and clutter, this can be very difficult to do!

6) Don’t forget about the exterior of your home

This is often looked over but still just as important!

When a buyer first pulls up to a home, they first thing these see is the outside of it. This means the garden, the fence (if there is one) the exterior bricks and everything else surrounding your home.

It’s imperative that the outside of your home looks as nice as possible so if the garden needs touching up or there’s some waste that needs removing, be sure to get it done before any allow any home viewings.

A final word

While you are thinking of selling your home, you want to check the home foundations in the first place because the foundation is the most significant part of a home. Mostly in older homes, there are few common foundation problems like – cracked basement, sloped floors, cracks in walls, sticking doors and windows, or basement leaks. You can contact a foundation repair professional for an inspection.

We hope that the 6 points we’ve provided above will help you in getting your ready for a sale.

We recommended trying to implement as many of these as you can to increase your chances of a house sale.

We wish you the best of luck in the sale of your home!

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