How to Improve Your Home Decor and Function with Area Rugs

Area Rug In Dining Room

Want to get rid of a dull, boring room? Buy a rug for it and see how it transforms into a fresh look. But is it so easy to spice up your home decor with rugs? Yes, it is. An area rug, when used in accordance with the room’s colors and themes, will change its whole appearance. 

You do not have to own a wide spacious house or spend too much on decor to bring an improvement in your house’s design. Just simple incorporation of some textures and colors will do the deed. 

This article will tell you all about how to spice up your home decor and function with area rugs. 

Choose the Color Scheme Matching the Rug

There is a good chance that if you are a rug lover and enthusiast, then you would want to base the color scheme of the room according to the rug’s design or color. This is totally understandable and does wonders in improving the home decor.

For instance, the Momeni Karachi Blue Area Rug is a kind of vibrant and elegant type of rug that you can build your room’s theme based on it. And the room will turn out to be a space worthy of Vogue magazine.

Starting off decorating a room by choosing a rug is the first step to achieving a dreamy look. 

Incorporate Texture and Colors

Layered rugs are a good idea, and they will enhance the room’s overall look. Contrasting shapes and sizes work best while layering. A small oval or fluffy circular rug over a threadbare rectangular rug is one of the best examples. 

It is better to try more similar tones in layers of rugs because a sudden change in the color scheme of a rug might look odd. This is why colors should be in similar tones, but shapes and sizes can differ.

Incorporating colors and textures are very functional in a way that vibrant colors help lift up people’s moods. The whole notion of art and design depends on one’s choice and taste. If you like a particular design or pattern, you should choose it without a doubt. 

Lighten Up the Dark

The areas in the house which have darker color schemes need a bit of lightning up. Using different textures will help, and what better way to add texture than a rug. It will also add some variety to a mono-colored space.

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Use Them As Art

A rug is, without a doubt, a piece of art. Suppose you find a kind of rug with a unique design that may not match the standard theme of the room, then this is exactly the kind of rug that you use as wall art that brings mysticism to your place. This kind of idea is great for guest rooms, the dining hall, or even a themed kitchen. 

This piece will surely set your house design apart from others. Besides the perspective of design, they are very useful in absorbing noise. They can be used to mitigate echo. Great to be put in theatre or music room.

Invest in Natural Materials

Natural materials in rugs are all the rage these days. They are stylish and give an earthy, rich, and elegant look to the house. Synthetic fibers are quite harsh for our environment, so opting for natural materials is a plus.

Natural material rugs look so much better and more comfortable than synthetic ones. There are certain things, however, to keep in mind, such as these rugs do not bode well in the humid atmosphere, so the kitchen and bathrooms are off-limits. They can also be a little slippery, so it’s best to stick them to the floor.

Experts are trying their best to make a natural material for rugs more versatile and durable so that we can have better eco-friendly rug options.

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Get a Statement Piece

You cannot go wrong with a statement piece. It is the holy grail of the dress and design industry and works in home decor too. To make a statement, choose a unique, dramatic design and a vibrant color to make the room’s centerpiece. The furniture drapes etc., can be set in simple neutral colors. 

This works perfectly because all designs compliment each other even if they are strikingly different from each other. The statement rug will draw attention and improve the decor quality of your house many times over.

You can also use smaller-sized plain rugs over or near the statement piece, but the textures should not match. 

Use Your Creative Side

Rugs are nothing short of an art piece. Once you understand the transformation a right rug can bring to house decor, you will realize its importance. Whether you choose a statement piece or a simple neutral-colored rug, just remember not to repeat the textures and colors. Rug layering will spice up the design game of your house. And contrasting colors in layers are a big yes.

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