How To Make Your Custom Storage Solutions Work For Small Houses In Memphis    

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With its name closer to meaning beautiful and pristine, Memphis is one of those places that gets you attached to your home. Memphis is America’s hub for distribution centers and has over 60 tourist attractions. Being one of the dream destinations alongside Costa Rica, the Vatican, and Beijing, Memphis is one of those places where you can get affordable homes and a modifiable lifestyle. However, space management can become a critical issue with a median range of 2410 square feet per household (per the July 2021 census). After all, an organized lifestyle begins with spaciousness.

Having a tiny house is a gift when you optimize the right spots. If you want professionals to handle this aspect, you have come to the right place. Hiring custom-designed storage solutions in Memphis can assist you in handling storage management tweaked to your style and dream theme. They can help declutter certain hotspots in your home. Here are some tips you can use to optimize small spaces:

Start From The Floor

Whatever storage space you are trying to optimize, it is best to start from those which touch the flooring first. Doing so can ensure that everything is built from the ground up and help the designs look more natural than eerie. Starting from the bottom enables you to scan the entire space with a bird’s eye view and ensure coverage of every little spot in the blueprint. Whether it is the kitchen shelf you want to broaden, or your closet that you want to shrink, ending with the ceiling would be beneficial. They also ensure that it creates an illusion of spaciousness, a common goal for all tiny homes.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

The concept of a bed doing more than what it is meant for can come of immense help when dealing with a tiny space. Make sure you optimally communicate your requirements of having multi-purpose furniture to your custom storage space company. Enhancing the functionality of every single aspect of your home can optimize space and create a put-together appeal. Your custom designer professionals will take care of the style and design. Let them know of the aesthetics and enquire about how that will accommodate the linen, cushions, covers, sheets, wood, etc.

Adding shelves and drawers, you can also put the headboard into good use. Doing so can come in handy when you reach out for stuff in the mornings and nights. They can be used for books, lamps, and other items. Another extension of multi-purpose furniture is to attach storage options for your dining tables. Afraid they will look old? You will be surprised to hear how trending they are in Memphis. Almost every other household has coffee and dining tables with shelves that store newspapers, magazines, and novels.

Glide-Open Shelves And Closets

Memphis is known for the lumber and hardwood used in most furniture. Not only can you get a variety of wood types like maple, persimmon, and cottonwood, but you can also get them mixed according to your selections. With over 70,000 varieties of wood found in the locality, you can choose the best one to create shelves that can open in different ways.

Specific custom-designed storage solutions in Memphis make glide-open doors which utilize the space more efficiently and intelligently. Always opt for sliding ones when you are dealing with huge doors. Adding some depth and variety to your requirements can ensure that your storage solutions will carry them out effectively.

Enhance Space

You have undoubtedly heard of false ceilings, but have you ever wondered what it is like to have a false floor? If you have a room with lengthy ceilings, it is best to opt for false flooring. It creates an illusion of spaciousness, and you will also have an enlarged space to work with. It will ensure that your room stays decluttered. Another way to work is to pinpoint the dead spots that can be brought to life through customization. There are bound to be specific vacant quiet spaces that were never used for whatever reasons. They are most probably found in toilets and kitchens.Make sure you make suitable cabinets in those areas.

Customize Your Doors

Why must you leave the doors empty? Inner door areas can be customized to hold your essentials as well. Specific custom storage solutions cater to these needs by creating a cabinet that holds jars and packets. Make sure you let them know about your desire to create a custom cabinet door, and these professionals will ask you the right questions to make that wish come true. Don’t sacrifice your aesthetics while running around for space. Using niche spaces can help in creating secret storage areas as well.


Small spaces are found in every locality. While it can cramp up your storage option, you can do many things to make your home lively and spacious. Consider hiring a custom storage design solution to use limited space best.

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