How To Sell Your House With Tenants

Handing Over House Keys

When you plan to sell your house which is occupied with tenants, it can be frustrating and time consuming. In most cases the tenants can turn out to be unruly and destructive which can cause conflicts and would not be willing to move out of your house which can further delay the sale of the property. So selling a house that’s occupied with tenants needs to be dealt carefully.

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Are the problems troubling you and are you finding it difficult to sell the house occupied by tenants? Forget the worries as we have some ideas and suggestions to help you sell your house when occupied by tenants.

1. Talk to your tenants upfront

Half your problems would be solved if you be honest and convey the fact to your tenants. Make them understand your situation and be upfront. There is nothing wrong in telling your problems to the tenants as this can help you to improve the relationship and make them turn supportive with your decision. The tenants would understand the situation and would give your favourable results to vacate the house.

2. Keep the contracts ready

Both you and your tenants would have mutually agreed on the term and conditions on the notice period. Usually the tenant is allowed 30 days of notice to vacate the house. Try to offer this period to your tenant which can help them find another house to reallocate. Intimate the tenants on your plans for selling, this can help them be prepared for vacating the house soon. Do not give them last minute information which can lead to unwanted conflicts and legal proceedings.

3. Notify the tenants about the sale inspections beforehand

The buyers at times would want to perform Inspection on the house conditions or would want to check various information about the goodwill of the sell. They may even want to how the appreciation value of the house and would visit the house to perform inspections. Inform your tenants before hand about this so they might be of favour to you by providing the accurate information about the house to the buyers.

4. Offer your tenants help.

Being polite and showing your care towards the tenants can help you sell the house soon. Offer help such as bearing some amount of move out charges or a reimbursement or even suggesting them other houses you may know. This makes the tenants know that you care for them and they would help you in return by vacating the house for a successful sale.

5. Check with the buyer if the tenant can remain in the house

Check with the buyer if there are any chances for the tenant to sign a new contract with them and continue staying in the house. You can advise tenants that there could be chance to remain in the house if the new buyer agrees. The tenants might also feel comfortable and secured to continue their tenancy period with the new owner.

Also be assured to check with the buyer before you provide any confirmation to the tenants and also do not agree on any new contract, let them know that the choice would be tentative and wholly depends on the buyer. Make your tenants comfortable that they are conveniently open for moving out or retaining back the tenancy.

6. Maintain a healthy relationship with the tenants throughout the tenancy period.

If you have a good relationship with your tenant by being supportive to them during their tenancy period, they would sure be of help when you want them to vacate for the sale. If the relationship is not healthy, you might face difficulties while asking them to vacate the house. They can turn out to be destructive tenants causing more trouble.


If you have any plans in the future to sell the house occupied by tenants, ensure you maintain the legal contracts properly. In worst cases when the tenant is stubborn try to offer some cash offers to get them out from your house. The above 7 suggestions can help you Ina happy selling process.

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