How to Use Felt Panels to Upgrade Your Home Office

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Felt soundproofing panels help to keep your office organized, reduce distractions, and streamline your workflow. They also offer a means for decorating your office that isn’t too tacky. Felt panels come in a variety of colors and shapes, which ensures their customizability in terms of both functionality and aesthetic design. In this article, we’ll discuss methods for using these tiles to improve your home workstation and increase your overall efficiency and productivity for everything from major projects to day-to-day office tasks.

Ready to transform your space? Felt wall panels are durable, easy-to-install wall hangings, often made from recycled water bottles and assembled with sustainable production practices. Unlike sound-dampening foam panels, felt offers more versatility as a pinboard, decorative assembly, or video call background. In this article, we’ll discuss some of how you can use felt panels for transforming your home office space.

Assemble a Pinboard

A corkboard or pinboard may already be a fixture of your in-person office space, but sometimes, this doesn’t translate into your home workspace. Felt panels are a versatile, colorful base for this surface, allowing you to interact with the surface with the same pins and tacks. Whereas a corkboard tends to look pretty tacky on your wall, felt panels boost the space’s aesthetics instead. You can use your felt panel pinboard for everything from writing reminders and tasks to keeping important documents and notes at the ready. 

If you don’t currently use a pinboard as an organizational tool, there are plenty of ways to get an organized start. First, decide what belongs on the bulletin board and what you should keep online or on paper. Then clear the board space and get a fresh start. Consider zoning areas of the board to accomplish certain tasks. A calendar space might be helpful for some, while labeled tasks might work better for keeping track of deliverables instead. Felt pinboards are an open creative space that applies well to almost any work position.

Control the Acoustics of the Space

One of the primary benefits of felt panels is that they allow you to control the acoustics of your space without building up too much heat, which is usually what happens if you select foam panels. If your room has an echo or feels too empty, these products will fit your space perfectly. If the noise from a nearby street or neighbor is distracting you while you’re working, felt panels might also be a good option. If the acoustics of your space set the stage for a calm atmosphere, you’ll see your productivity soar.

Build a Background for Video Calls

As the effects of the pandemic continue to affect our workflow, the importance of video calling platforms like Zoom, Facetime, and Skype continues to grow. In fact, many analysts suggest that this format of connection is here to stay for good, even after everything opens up. In short, people like working from home, which means video calls will be a necessity for a wide range of jobs and careers.

If you’re tired of seeing the same blank wall behind your image, you may want to consider building an artistic, patterned design for your workspace with felt panels. To ensure that your zoom background looks great on camera, you’ll need to choose a simplistic design with neutral colors. Grey, black, and blue all offer a cooler color palette that sets up a professional look.

Boost Color and Texture of Existing Designs

Felt tiles are a fantastic method for boosting the color and design of your space, separate from other more practical uses. When you purchase felt panels online, you can usually assemble the pattern yourself, through an online design studio. Choose panel sizes and colors that match other design elements in your space but boost the color and texture in a way that is unlike your current decor. Your workspace doesn’t have to be drab or empty. The wall art available with felt panels goes a long way in transforming and customizing your space.

Create a Mood Board

Instead of using felt panels as a pinboard, you may instead want to consider building a mood board. These creative projects are a fun, engaging way to set your short and long-term goals at work. With the right pictures, quotes, designs, and decorative elements, your mood board can help inspire your work. What interests you about your work? Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Because you’re assembling this project at home rather than at work, this visual space can be as personal as you want it to be. For more information and inspiration for these projects, check out this guide to creating a mood board.

Add an Artistic Design

Felt panels offer plenty of practical benefits and bring pleasant visuals to your home office space from a purely aesthetic perspective. Whether you’re working with solid colors or complex patterns, felt panels make your space look and feel more appealing. When you purchase a set or preassembled design, you’ll receive a set of tiles along with simple, easy-to-use adhesives that don’t remove the paint from your walls. Beyond leveling the initial few tiles in the patterns, there will be minimal difficulty in adding a unique design to your home office space.

Conclusion- How to Use Felt Panels to Organize Your Home Office

If your home office feels drab or uninviting, or if you’re experiencing an echo or acoustic issue, felt panels are likely a solid choice for upgrading your space. You can also use these products as the perfect base for pinboards or a mood board. In addition to these practical uses, felt panels also enhance the aesthetics of your space with unique colors and designs.

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