Inside Pete Davidson’s High Rise Luxury House In Staten Island

Pete Davidson

After spending years living with her mom, Pete Davidson snapped up a lavish condo in Staten Island. The $1.3-million apartment is in one of the area’s luxury buildings. And it’s his love nest with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

In this post, we’ll look at the features of his cozy apartment. The features and stylebook of his place might be your inspiration for your next apartment hunting or design.

Pete Davidson’s Condo Enviable Features

Pete bought his beachfront bachelor’s pad in December 2020. And many design magazines and sites describe the condo as the “pinnacle of luxury lifestyle living.” Specifically, these are the enviable features of his new place:

1. Open Floor Plan

The apartment has a total of 1,592 square feet of living space. But the place definitely feels and looks a lot more spacious because of the open floor plan that it follows. The home boasts high ceilings and tall windows, which allow more natural light into the interior. There’s also a private terrace that could be accessed both from the lounge room and the master bedroom.

The open floor layout also combines the dining area and kitchen with the main living room. Meanwhile, the peninsula seating serves a dual purpose of separating the kitchen and dining area. It also features a beautiful quartz countertop and a one-of-a-kind “waterfall” installation.

2. Panoramic Views

Access to panoramic views is definitely one of the perks of living in a high-rise located on an island. Pete’s property might only have 2 and a half bathrooms and 2 bedrooms, but it does boast panoramic views of the sea and the Manhattan skyline. From another angle on the terrace, one can see the iconic Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.

The apartment’s expansive terrace and long windows are perfect for viewing the calm sea surrounding Staten Island, be it during the sunset or sunrise.

3. Space-Efficiency

Pete might have chosen a smaller apartment, which only has 1,592 square feet of living space. But the property is well-loved for its space-efficient design. Based on the images of previous owners’ listings, one of the 2 bedrooms has bunk beds. However, there’s no news if Pete retained the bunk beds in his current design. The sitting area located in the hallway doubles up as a bridge between the bathroom and the kitchen. The lounge room and master bedrooms are designed to have access to the private deck. Then, the small nook between the dining area and the living area serves as a little bit of office space.

4. Cool and Refreshing Color Scheme

Pete’s pad also exudes a refreshing color scheme of purple, white, and teal. Potted plants could also be found in the nooks and crannies of the apartment.

Pictures from the original listing even show the guest bathroom donning a Hawaiian-printed wallpaper. The kitchen area has the perfect blend of purple paint and white accents. The patio is fitted with artificial grass, fairy lights, and a wooden patio seating area. The main suite comes with a Jacuzzi tub, separate shower, and marble-vanity bathroom. There’s also a decent-sized walk-in closet.

High-Rise Amenities and Staten Island Neighborhood

The personal amenities of Pete’s apartment are already luxurious enough to keep himself and his GF pampered. But if they want something more, especially when they want to host parties for friends, they can easily take advantage of the equally lavish amenities of the building itself.

The high-rise has a space for events, which also comes with a billiard table. Plus, the building also has a fitness center, a grill station, security features, and a children’s playground.

Or if they want to explore the island itself, they’ll also be in for a lot of treats. Staten Island is famous for its parks, such as Lemon Creek Park, High Rock Park, Greenbelt, and Clove Lakes. Staten Island Zoo is also just around the corner if they feel like watching birds of prey, kangaroos, and snakes. Greek Revival buildings are also just within walking distance. And the Botanical Garden and Snug Harbor Cultural Center are just nearby if they feel like they need a romantic walk.

Do you feel inspired by the design and vibe of Pete Davidson’s House in Staten Island? Which parts of it caught your eye? Whatever design you may have in mind for your next apartment designing or hunting project, make sure to consult with an expert first. Or better yet, read more of our celebrity home design blogs for more inspiration. Remember, research and planning contribute to a successful project, especially if you want to strike a perfect balance between design and budget.

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