Is Arkansas Expensive to Live In?

Arkansas State Capitol

If you’re searching for a new home state, consider making Arkansas your new home. The cost of living is relatively low, and there’s plenty to do. Whether you enjoy the slower pace of life in a small town or crave the excitement of a big city, you can have both. It’s a great place to live!

Unfortunately, as great as Arkansas is, it isn’t immune to the expensive habit of other states. With the cost of healthcare and education, it isn’t easy for the average family to live on one income. If you’re looking for a state where you can save some money, consider moving to Missouri or Tennessee – you’ll probably find that your money will go further there!

The Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Arkansas is fairly low compared to other states. It is well below the national average, and much more affordable than most other large states. Because of this, groceries, utilities, and other essentials are all on the lower end of the scale. Transportation is also quite affordable. Except for Memphis, the cost of living in Arkansas is quite low compared to the rest of the country. For example, the cost of living in Little Rock is about 10% that of the national average. This is mainly because there’s not a lot of competition in the airline industry, so prices are kept low.

The Economy

The economy of Arkansas is a lot like that of the rest of the country. It was hit hard by the pandemic, and some of the biggest industries in the state have been hard hit. There was also an increase in the minimum wage, which put more money in the pockets of consumers.

As for the future, there’s some encouraging news. Thanks to increased pay for overtime and the rise of Uber and Lyft, there has been an increase in the number of jobs in some areas. If you’re looking for a state with a growing economy, consider moving there!

Where To Work

If you’re looking for a place to work, there are several options. If you want to be near the coast, you can consider living in Coonskin, but jobs may be hard to come by. Fort Smith, in Northwest Arkansas, has a large number of jobs, and there’s not a lot of competition in the oil industry, either. Little Rock has a large military base, and with some research, you can probably find a job there. It’s a great place to work!

If you don’t want to live near a large city or on the coast, there are other options. Look for smaller towns and rural areas where you can find a slower pace of life and more opportunities. 

Is Arkansas expensive to live in? Definitely not. Is it a good place to live? Absolutely! Do you want to move there now? You should try out life in the Ozarks. Just make sure that you bring your sneakers. They’ll be worth more than any amount of money you could ever save living in Arkansas.

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