Mark Wahlberg’s House In Beverly Park LA Is Up For Sale

Mark Wahlberg

After 13 years of keeping one of the mega-mansions in Beverly Park, Mark Wahlberg finally decides to say goodbye to his long-time home. The sheer grandeur and size of the property perfectly suit Mark’s larger-than-life career and personality.

Mark Wahlberg and his long-time wife, Rhea Durham, bought the 30,500-square-feet for $8.25 million in 2009. Then, the couple commissioned mega-mansion architect Richard Landry to renovate and build new features. 5 years later, Landry completed the home, fitting 20 bathrooms, 12 bedrooms, and a lot of other lavish amenities and living spaces into the 2-story floor plan.

Now, as the “Father Stu” actor puts it on the market, the property is already worth $87.5 million. In this post, we’ll look at the features, architectural style, and design elements of his home.

Mark Wahlberg's House In Beverly Park LA
Front view of Mark Wahlberg's house in Beverly Park LA


The interior of Mark’s mega-home is an epitome of elegance and luxury. As you enter it, you’ll be greeted by a dual staircase, which makes for a perfect grand entrance during parties held at home.

Another interesting, but not surprising feature of Mark’s abode is a two-story wood-paneled library. As a versatile and prolific actor, Mark spends a lot of time reading and honing his craft. His library comes with a wealth of books on various topics.

Wahlberg’s Gallic-inspired home also boasts arched hallways. The 2nd story comes lined with terraces, which provide ample space for relaxation as it overlook the property’s park-like garden and backyard.

The main bedroom is fitted with its own luxurious seating area. Chandeliers also give a touch of elegance to the space. Plus, the floor-to-ceiling French windows let in more natural light, which enhances the vibe of the room. Add to that the spacious walk-in closet of the Wahlberg couple.

Wahlberg and his wife also make time for quality bonding with the family, especially over delicious food. That’s why their kitchen comes fully equipped with top-of-the-line equipment. Plus, the stylish double-island kitchen provides much room to move around. The breakfast space is another attraction in itself. It has 3 walls worth of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which overlooks the garden.

Large bedroom with a sofa
Living room with book shelves and a fireplace

Mark Wahlberg is also known for his fitness routine. He is known to start his training as early as 4 AM. His home gym is fitted with all the sports and workout equipment he needs to stay fit for whatever role he may get.

As a family man, Mark also makes sure that his abode has all the fun and entertainment features his family needs, especially his kids. The following are other key features of his mega-mansion:

  • Movie theater
  • Wine cellar
  • Multiple bars
Living room with a fireplace and furniture
Double staircase
Kitchen with a dining table
Dining room with curtains and a chandelier
Home cinema


Although skillfully and beautifully designed to suit the elite Beverly Hills neighborhood, Wahlberg’s mega-mansion exudes an unmistakable French or Italian vibe. Aside from the main house, the property also has a separate guesthouse with lavish amenities on its own.

When looked at from a distance, his home exudes the classic style of an English country house with a little bit of Continental sophistication mixed in. It is hidden behind giant gates and protected by an elaborate security and alarm system. It is an amenity-loaded property where you can just stay inside, relax, and never need to go out for weeks or even months.

Indeed, Mark’s property is a great deal for those who’re fond of different kinds of outdoor recreation activities. It has a five-hole golf course, a skateboard park, and an elegant viewing pavilion to boot. It has an Italianate multi-level grotto-style waterfall pool that’s beautifully surrounded by natural rock formations. A poolside cabana is built next to it. And the plants, trees, and greenery are carefully selected to provide a touch of color and shade for different seasons, as well as privacy. There’s also a fire pit near the outdoor sitting area. Mark also has a basketball court adorned with the logo of his favorite team, the Boston Celtics.

Mark Wahlberg's House In Beverly Park LA at night


In both the interior and exterior design of the home, Mark makes sure to maintain an elegant and luxurious feel. It’s also safe to say that he’s made the renovations and architectural enhancements to the structure, considering that the property is now worth $87.5 million. That’s a giant leap from his initial purchase price of $8.25 million in 2009.

Mark’s mega-mansion is one of the few properties in the Beverly Hills area with a European-style design that blends Old World style with a plethora of amenities. It is the 7th largest house currently on the market in Los Angeles County. And it is the 2nd biggest home sale in SoCal so far this year. The top spot belongs to The One, which was snagged at $141 million in March through an auction.

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