Creativity Meets Functionality: Multi-purpose Artworks in Your Home

Multi-purpose Artworks in Your Home

If you’re launching a home decoration project and you plan to DIY instead of entrusting it to a professional interior designer, give yourself a pat on the back! While all of us may not be trained or qualified in design, we all have an innate sense of what we like. Art is highly subjective, and when you combine it with functional design, you’ve hit a winning streak. 

To add another dimension, you could be a crafting enthusiast and enjoy a range of art projects, such as painting by numbers, diamond art, or punch needlework. 

Et voila! There you have your work cut out for you. Combine your interior decoration work with pieces you’ve crafted yourself, and the result will be a one-of-a-kind, personalized scheme that reflects YOU. 

How Artworks Serve Multiple Functions

Works of art are essentially an expression of the artist’s creative mind. However, the end result can serve a myriad purposes. 

Decorative: A finished paint by numbers painting can be a beautiful work of art that serves a purely decorative purpose. It adds the aesthetic factor to a blank wall or floor. There some a few companies in the USA like Figured Art specialized in paint by numbers, with numerous themes available.

If your forte is embroidery, your work can decorate tablecloths, pillows, bed covers, towels, clothes, and more with pretty cross-stitch embroidery. These pieces add character and style to your personal space. Diamond painting is also an option for you if you like shimmery paintings.

Practical: DIY art projects can fulfill a practical function. Up-cycled glass bottles can be painted, old cartons can be fashioned into tables, and woodworking projects can create useful household articles. 

Religious: You can work religious motifs or designs into your artwork projects. Select paint-by-numbers or diamond painting designs that portray a religious figure or symbol. These works can be placed in your prayer room or meditation room. Symbolic ideas portray certain motifs without actually representing the main theme. 

You can use artworks to serve different purposes in hundreds of ways. Decorating a new home with artworks you’ve created yourself is exciting. There is no right or wrong way to use art; this is your personal choice. 

Living Room With A Painting

How To Integrate Artworks into Functional Interior Design

The principles of interior design include:

  • Rhythm
  • Balance
  • Unity
  • Focus
  • Contrast
  • Proportion
  • Scale

Plan to display your art so that it conforms broadly to these principles, but add an eighth dimension, and that is functionality. 

1. Plan Ahead: Launch your artwork project with a view to its final function. If you’re interested in painting by numbers or diamond painting, decide ahead where you’ll display them. This makes it easier to select the colors and themes that match the room’s overall design. Otherwise, you could end up with a number of mismatched paintings that don’t work together. Make a rough sketch of the room, and X mark the spots where you want your artworks displayed.

2. Where Can You Display: Some areas where you can display artworks besides walls include room dividers, headboards, accent tables, inside open shelves, or behind doors. You can group paintings by color, size, or theme and have a number of them above your couch. Artworks can be integrated into book-ends, painted shelves, and distressed paintwork on furniture. You can make photo frames, bulletin boards, mirror frames, paint on glass windows or shelves for your home, or desk-top organizers for your home office. DIY projects are great for decorating laundry hampers, children’s toy boxes, and pillow covers. 

You’ll enjoy decorating the baby’s room and crib if you have a baby. Ensure that you use safe, non-toxic colors and materials. 

3. Reflect What’s Truly You: It’s easy to buy a bunch of framed art prints for your living room or bedroom. But is that really you? Personalized artwork projects mirror your own quirky sense of aesthetics and your personality. If you love working with your hands, create gorgeous bed covers, lace-edged tablecloths applique work on curtains, or painted terracotta planters.

4. Explore Your Playful Side: If you love a free-flowing vibe, get playful with your art projects. Jewelry holders are a practical way to store your trinkets in an organized way. Create unique designs and color combinations, explore shape and size, and combine them in your paintings or embroidery. You can create interesting table décor with trivets, patchwork tablecloths, and placemats. 

5. View Like A Visitor: Step outside your home and walk in, pretending you’re a guest entering for the first time. What strikes you, what works, and what doesn’t? This is a great way to get a real perspective of your artwork projects.

The best part of these projects is that you don’t have to break the bank with crafted artworks. The materials are often available in your home or sourced from hobby centers. The whole family can pitch in and enjoy the experience. Home-based crafting projects are what truly make your house a home that mirrors your personality and values. 

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