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For a business owner, installing a new roof is one of the most expensive investments that they can undertake. Even just one square foot of a new roof can cost almost several hundred dollars, and picking a random contractor can affect the whole project. It is vital to choose a professional and reputable roofing contractor to ensure a successful project. Once you already have a potential contractor, there are several questions you should ask before deciding to perform such a critical service. 

Typically, commercial roofing contractors have to follow a specific set of standards when working on a building’s roof. While roofing companies are set apart by a few qualifications, there are common questions that will give you the same peace of mind at the onset of the project. This checklist of items that you can ask your potential roofing companies will help get the answers that you think will arrive at the best solution. Read on to find out more about them.

What You Should Ask Potential Roofing Contractors 

1) Do you have the required proof of insurance and licensing? 

This question is quite obvious, and maybe a little bit trivial, but asking this question will help save you from encountering substantial liability issues. To work in a state, all roofing companies and contractors should have the needed insurance and license. One guarantee that a roofing company must have is a Commercial Liability Insurance, which covers their work, employees, and negligence in case of a safety hazard or damages. It means that your business won’t have to pay for costs or face safety issues instead of holding the roofing company or the contractors responsible. A roofing company with these credentials and financial coverage means that they are trustworthy and value building codes. 

2) Are there subcontractors included in the roofing project? 

Aside from a roofing company, some subcontractors work when a company needs extra hands on deck or assistance with specialty services like dealing with ventilation or electrical units. When doing a roofing project, you must know everyone working on it because subcontractors should also have a license and insurance. It all boils down to the most important thing– your business should not be responsible for liability for hazards and damages during or after the roofing project. It should be the ones working on the project or the materials manufacturing company. 

3) Do you have previous experience working on a commercial roofing project?

Unfortunately, you may find a company claiming to be a “commercial roofing company” but has no commercial roofing experience. It could be that it is their first commercial roofing project if you hire them. If you don’t want to take a risk, you should inquire about its previous retail work experience. The more a company has a positive experience with commercial roofing projects, the bigger chance you should hire them. Furthermore, you might want to look for a roofing contractor who knows how to handle the installation of domed roof hatches or any other roof access doors and panels that you might want. 

4) Do you have a compilation of references and completed commercial roofing projects? 

Proving the worth and credibility of a roofing company’s experience includes asking them for references for their other finished projects. Ask them for relevant references, which means commercial roofing references. A company’s plethora of roofing references doesn’t mean they are the most valuable. It would entail asking around to figure out if their previous customers are happy with similar work.  

5) What are your distinguishing features from your competitors? 

The most common but important question that you should ask is, of course, why should you hire the company? It would be best to ask them what makes them so unique compared to their competitors who also do the same job. When you ask the roofing company this question, they will have the reason to show you their scalability. There may be many reasons such as lower pricing than the industry standard or the charge of their competitors, or maybe they’re using environmentally-friendly materials. Whatever the reason, there should be a distinguishing feature that will help you in choosing them. 

6) Do you have fire safety measures for my roof? 

All business owners worry about their roof catching on fire. A fire-resistant roof is essential, especially in case of an accident that causes an explosion. In case sparks from an electrical unit or a lightning bolt hit the roof, it should be able to protect the entire building from catching fire. Keep in mind to ask the roofing company if there are safety measures from them in case of emergency fire situations. 

7) Is it time for me to repair or replace my commercial building’s roof? 

There are instances when you would think that your building’s roof only needs minor repairs, but what if roof repairs aren’t enough anymore? An inspection from the roofing contractor company for the entire roof should be a part of your checklist. They would know whether the roof can endure another repair or require a replacement.

8) Can you give an estimated time for finishing the project? 

If you have a timeline for when you want the roof repairs or installation, setting a start date is a must. The confirmation of the start date with your roofing contractor will allow them to review the logistics and purchase the necessary materials. Once there is already a start date, you should ask the roofing contractor how much time they will need to complete the project. Having an estimated time from start to finish will help you and the contractor better understand the project. 


The roof of any building matters because it protects all occupants inside the building against outside elements. It holds especially for commercial businesses. Just imagine having a damaged roof– you wouldn’t want that from disrupting your business operations. Avoid having such problems hiring the best commercial roofing contractor who can complete the project with the right suppliers and the right network. 

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