Reasons to Have a Barbecue in Autumn and Winter

BBQ On Fire

Barbecues shouldn’t be limited to just a summer thing. There are plenty of reasons to continue barbecuing into the cold months. Let’s face it, the food is too good to not have all year round.

If you want to get the most out of your grilling machine, here are some ideas for hosting barbecues in the autumn and winter months…


Why not host a Halloween party with a barbecue? You could create all sorts of themed foods and make it a night to remember. Invest in some food colouring in order to create black and green burger buns. You could also use items like ketchup and cranberry as a “blood” theme.

Pumpkins can be nutritious food as well as spooky decoration, so how about making something alternative like a pumpkin burger? Some supermarkets stock pumpkin burger patties, usually mixed with another ingredient like spinach. The burgers will not only be delicious and different, but your vegetarian and vegan friends will thank you too.

Staying Warm and Comfortable

The obvious issue with a winter barbecue is staying warm, you may be kept toasty enough hovering over the grill but you’ll also need to consider guests. Will you be sitting outside? If so, a fire pit or patio heater would be a wise investment. Thanks to these outdoor heaters, you’ll become the new trend setter of winter barbecues, giving a pub garden vibe to your own backyard.

Other tips to keep warm would be to wrap up, and leave some blankets lying around on seats for guests to grab when they need.

Let There Be Light

There’s also the issue of light when it gets darker earlier. The flames from your barbecue, fire pit or patio heater can help brighten up your garden a little, but you may need more.

Clever use of indoor lighting to brighten up the outside area may be all you need if everything is close together enough. Otherwise try adding outdoor lighting by attaching floodlights to external walls or, to create some nice ambience, put fairy lights all around your fences and seating areas.

You can actually get lights that attach to your barbecue. These will help you get a better view of the food you’re cooking, so you can make sure your food isn’t being chargrilled black in the dark. A head lamp hat may also help in darker gardens, it may look a little silly but if it helps cook the food perfectly, why not?

Bonfire Night

An ideal time to have a winter barbecue! There’s already one fire, so you might as well add more by turning on the grill.

Whether you’re gathering to have a bonfire or set off some fireworks, adding some barbecued food just makes sense. Toasted marshmallows with chocolate sauce will make the perfect dessert snack.


Okay, so you might prefer a traditional Christmas dinner at the table and in the warmth, but in the run up to Christmas you could still host a barbecue.

If you’re planning on arranging a get together with friends before seeing family over the holidays, a few beers and turkey burgers on the grill will make a nice change from going out – especially if you usually go to places that get overcrowded at this time of year.

New Years

Having a New Year’s Eve gathering but keeping it a little more low-key? Just like Bonfire Night, you can bring out a barbecue to have with your drinks and fireworks (be safe). Alternatively, you could have a New Year’s Day barbecue, perfect cure for a hangover. Bring in the new year in style, perhaps “more barbecuing” could be a resolution this year?

Valentine’s Day

There’s not much going on in the cold early months of the year, however one last idea for the romantics out there… a Valentine’s Day barbecue. Impress that special someone with a barbecued meal for two, complete with getting cosy together in front of the firepit and optional garden fairy lights for extra atmosphere.

Perfect for a new romance, or a couple who have been together a while but don’t get time to leave the house due to the kids. Alternatively, gather a few fellow cynics and host an anti-Valentine’s barbecue. Wine and steak works for either occasion.

Barbecue All The Time

And there you have it. Hopefully this has convinced you that a barbecue is not just for summer. All you need to do know is pick one of the ideas above and try it out.

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