Safeguard Your Home From Termites This Winter!

Flock Of Termites

Two common questions homeowners that every homeowner should ask – do termites go away in the winter, and are termites dormant in the winter? Here are the explanations for these and other essential questions related to termites in homes and offices.

Most termites are active yearlong. So homes have to go for termite treatment now and then. Remember that the winter season modifies the habitat of a subterranean termite colony. These creatures move underground to get worms to survive in the cold season. In the northern region, the symptoms of termite during the winter may include mud tubes and damaged wood. In subtropical areas, where winter temperature stays at 70 degrees, swarming termites may also remain active in the cold season.

1. How do these creatures find food? 

During winter, the termites that move close to the soil dig their deep tunnels for food searches. They avoid food sources that would need them to venture into the cold. The underground termites do this to stay close to the nest in the cold season. They will continue this activity throughout the winter but are less active compared to the warm months.

2. How active are termites during winter?

Discovering termites inside the house during winter is not uncommon. Some invasive termites not affected by the cold temperature, like subterranean and dry wood termites, may remain active yearlong. Termite infestation, which gets settled in the comfortable shelter of the home’s foundation and walls, finds abundant food in the wooden structure and thrives in the winter.

3. What are the signs of termite infestation?

Termites cause severe property damage every year across the globe. Distinct insurance policies do not cover these damages. Hence, it’s fundamental to think of proactive termite control services. Early symptoms of termites include the following:

● Pencil-shaped tunnels, which termites build for their shelter.

● Blistering across floors from the termite borrowing.

● Long grooves inside the wood surface since the termites search for cellulose.

● Discarded wings in access points.

● Excrement resembling dust expelled by distinct termites to clean the tunnel.

Often these creatures infest homes without getting noticed till severe damage. Even if you do not see any signs of termite infestation, they might cause damage. Hence, you need the help of pest control services who will inspect your house and locate any active termite colony anytime. They will provide you with the best plan to eradicate the termite infestation under a particular condition.

4. Get rid of termites with professional help

Getting rid of termites with professional help is possible because these individuals are specialists and have experience in these fields. Elite Pest and Termite Control, LLC professionals will help you with the best plan after examining your house using special tools. They have distinct approaches to exterminating termites in the home based on the structural layout and the extent of termite infestation. So you can depend upon their services to eliminate unwanted guests and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The customized treatment plan of these professional agencies helps you eradicate termites and enjoy healthy and happy surroundings.

Get rid of termites in no time with the assistance of reputed agencies! 

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