Select the Best Floor Tiles for Your Hallway

Select the Best Floor Tiles for Your Hallway

Who Doesn’t Want to Have an Elegant Hallway?

The essentials for any hallway include good looks and high functionality at the same time. Further, you must feel good while walking on it. The hallway is a high-traffic area and hence many people feel confused when it comes to tile installation.

Hallways at Danny Deco offer the best entry and exit to different places while connecting different rooms. If asked by any interior designer, the hallways shouldn’t compromise with the aesthetics. Hence, many prefer to add pattern, colour, and personality to the place with useful hallway floor tiles.

There is no need to get confused in selecting the best floor for your hallway. We’ll help you with some quick tips for elegant hallway floors and a quick selection guide.

Different Floor Options for Hallways

It is great to have a look at some of the floor tile designs before jumping to the quick selection guide. So, here you go:

1. Hallway Carpets – Softness and Warmth

First on our list are the hallway carpets welcoming your guests with cosiness and warmth. It suits the large hallways requiring sound deadening. The carpets made up of wool or stripe carpets are the popular choice. Further, these carpets are fall-friendly and fire resistant which adds safety and security to your place.

It is easy to use vintage carpets to make your place feel traditional and welcoming at the same time. Many people add different colours and decorative prints to add instant warmth to their hallways.

2. Vinyl Hallway Floors – Easy Cleaning and Durability

Many floor tiles manufacturers agree that customers demand something easy to clean and durable for their hallways. The luxury vinyl tiles look aesthetically great while these have a low-maintenance flooring. The places having underfloor heating can go for the vinyl hallway floors

3. Chequered Floors – Classic or Bold Designs

The classic black and white chequered floors are ideal for the big hallways looking to make the best statement. The classic stone chequered floors are aesthetically striking, durable, and practical.

Many prefer to give a playful twist to the classic chequered floors with bold colours. These are the fun-filled and eye-catching hallway floors. The small hallways can use geometric patterns to make these spaces appear larger.

4. Wooden Hallway Flooring – Timeless Designs

What else to trust than the timeless and durable hallway floors created using wood? Many stick to the wide planks for overall country decorating design while others prefer decorative designs. It is easy to select from subtle geometric patterns or statement geometric wooden floors.

5. Runners in Hallways- Adding Warmth and Texture

Hallways look better when having runners. These add the best texture and warmth to the places for additional practical benefits. The leading tile shop London recommends runners for offering soundproof quality and a warm feel underfoot.

6. Victorian Minton Hallway Tiles – Prestige and Colour

The Victorian Minton hallway tiles are the best combination for Victorian properties. These are available in different geometric patterns offering the best prestige and colour to hallways.

7. Limestone Tiles – Farmhouse Décor

Last but not least option is to go for the limestone tiles for your hallways. These tiles bring natural beauty to the hallways with their boasting and hardwearing properties.

Floor tiles

Guide to Selecting the Best Hallway Floors

So, are you confused about selecting the best floors out of all the above options? Have a quick look at some of the key points in making your choice.

1. Managing High-Traffic Areas

It is easy to go for ceramic tiles, solid, or other engineered flooring for your busy hallways. Carpets made up of hardwearing fibre like wool are another good choice for a high-traffic area.

2. High-End Finish

After serving the duties of the high-traffic areas, the next step is to manage the high-end finish of the hallways. These welcoming places can be decorated with beautiful grains of real wood. The engineered timber is the best stylish and practical choice for hallways having high traffic. 

The engineered wood flooring having up to 11 different plywood layers creates a high-end finish with durability. Its surface layer is made up of precious hardwood offering a much-required finish and stability.

3. Availability of the Underfloor Heating

If your place has underfloor heating, hard floors are the perfect choice for your hallways. However, places with no underfloor heating require a runner. It can add instant warmth and cushion the sounds for increased comfort.

Concluding Thoughts

Hope everything is clear to our readers about the tile installation. All you need to remember is the usability and aesthetics of the hallway floors. The different floor options mentioned above ensure that you can make the right choice based on the key points. 

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