Should You Take The Help Of Professionals For The Bathroom Remodel?

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You must accept the fact that bathroom remodels are an excellent investment. After all, they contribute to one of the most significant gains of value in the real estate industry.

Perhaps, you have a desire to install a granite countertop, or you admire a specific pair of tiles. Maybe you want to sell the house at a higher price. Regardless of what the scenario is, you know your bathroom is a serious business.

Some people actively advocate DIY bathroom remodels. Others’ hire professionals to enhance the beauty of their bathrooms. But what should you do? Gathering the right information may help you understand the choices and their differences.

Bathroom Remodel

You would be surprised by how incorporating simple interior changes to your house can make it look spectacular. No one can deny that a well-maintained and decorated home is pleasant to the eye.

However, before you modernize your bathroom, you should know about the costs.

As of October 2019, an average mid-range bathroom will cost you about 20,420 dollars. On the other hand, an upscaled one would cost above 64,743 dollars. As you can see, a remodel is pretty expensive. If you are primarily looking for a superior and excellent job, a professional may be your best bet. If you want to save money, you may want to do it yourself, but there is more on that later,

Budget-Friendly Ideas

Are you looking for amazing budget-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas? Well, you could swap in your outdated bathroom fixtures with WaterSense fixtures. They are better than standard models, and so the EPA recommends installing them.

Believe it or not, they are more water-efficient and effectively reduce wastage. So once you replace the existing fixtures with a WaterSense faucet, toilet, or shower-head, expect to pay a reduced bill.

Another idea you can implement is related to countertops. Don’t spend outrageous amounts to bag a granite slab. When you’re about to buy one, consider options with minor imperfections as they will cost you cheaper. Moreover, if the shortcomings lie on the spot where the sink or faucet will be, relax. After all, in such a case, the imperfections won’t be visible at all.

Professionals Can Bring Your Vision to Life

The bathroom is a vital part of your house. According to the EPA, an average bathroom accounts for about 50 percent of all indoor water consumption.

So do you have a vision of how your bathroom should look? Maybe you have your eyes set on some water-resistant wall coverings that have cool patterns on them. Or perhaps you want a Kohler walk in bath for a comfortable and luxurious bathing experience. Whatever is the case, you truly deserve to fulfill your remodeling dreams. However, if you choose to remodel the bathroom yourself, you might not be able to do that. After all, professionals have a specific skill set that you lack.

Superior Material Selection

Relying on a contractor to understand the space and to buy the right supplies accordingly is an excellent idea.

The installation of inferior materials and parts can prove to be problematic down the line.  It can cause a significant headache. Since the professional does this for a living, he knows how to identify and select the best material. Moreover, he can get it for a reasonable price thereby protecting your hard-earned investment. Therefore, you may want to hire one.

Peace of Mind

If you want the convenience to sit back and relax during the plumbing process, hire a professional.

With a professional at your side, you do not have to worry about the design specifications of your bathroom. They have a high stake in learning about every nuance of their work, and they can handle your project. After all, they have vast experience in designing stunning modern bathrooms. Since you do not have the same sort of outlook, you may be unable to utilize the space correctly. You may end up with an unfeasible design without professional help.

Building and Plumbing Codes

Did you know that you may need to get a permit for your bathroom remodeling?

Usually, remodeling projects affect the plumbing or electrical wiring of the house. Therefore, before starting on the assignment, there is a need to get approval. So, should you decide to face the complications?

Laws and regulations can differ from city to city and getting information about them may not be a piece of cake. Contractors have the upper hand as they are aware of the local codes and regulations related to building and plumbing. If you want to save yourself from a lot of unnecessary hassle, you must get professional help on the project.

Best Installation Practices

Installing faucets, toilets, and sinks randomly is not recommended.

In 2018, the homeownership rate in the US was about 64.8 percent. While there are many house owners, but not all of them are capable of handling a renovation project. Since a contractor deals with many cases, they know the business inside and out. 

When you rely on a professional for the bathroom remodel, their experiences will create a favorable outcome for you. Isn’t that great? They have operational expertise, so they will surely implement the best installation practices.


If you’re looking for a quick bathroom remodel, don’t consider doing it yourself.

Professionals have deadlines to meet, and so they try their best to get done with a project as soon as possible. They are not working alone and often have a competent team that works along with him. If you decide to do the remodeling project, be prepared to face a long duration before the bathroom becomes functional again. It is no surprise that a homeowner with a hectic schedule may find himself boggled with the remodeling task. On the other hand, a contractor will do the due before you know it.

The Verdict

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, the professional is worth their weight in gold. They have a rich understanding of local regulations and know where to get materials reasonably.

However, if your pocket is low on cash, and you don’t mind a delay, you could potentially handle the project yourself. It depends on your priorities. If the criterion is operational excellence, take the help of the contractor. If the standard is cost, do it yourself. Rest assured, for the ultimate convenience, you need to hire a professional.

Whatever you do, don’t settle for less. When you have hard-earned money, you must ensure you spend it wisely. Otherwise, you will regret your decisions later. Why take an unnecessary gamble anyway?

Final Thoughts

Every homeowner wants their home to become more valuable. One way of doing that is by investing in a bathroom remodel. This project requires a clear plan, guided by exquisite design and fulfilled with superb raw materials. Since there are a lot of details to handle when it comes to a remodeling project, many homeowners decide to rely on a professional.

However, every situation is unique, and the final decision depends on your priorities. But it may be advisable to hire an expert as they are aware of the legalities involved in a bathroom remodel project.

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