Simple Home Improvement Ideas To Instantly Enhance The Look Of Your Space

White Living Room

Naturally, we all want to make our homes look good — and you could be particularly keen to make yours aesthetically reflective of your own personality.

However, you could have little financial leeway to make home improvements — at least at the moment. The good news is that you could potentially still spruce up your abode as long as you are clever about exactly how you spend your money.

Here are just a few methods of cost-effectively enhancing a residence’s appearance…

Add layers of various rugs

This advice comes from Real Homes, which recommends layering up rugs as an alternative to re-carpeting a living room if it has become strewn with red wine stains.

This use of rugs would indeed enable you to imbue the space with a pleasing range of textures, colors and patterns. To save yourself time, you could place an online order for a single batch of various rugs — including Persian rugs, fluffy rugs and wool rugs.

Create the illusion of taller ceilings 

If it wouldn’t be financially palatable for you to physically raise the height of ceilings in your home, you could always just foster the misleading impression of taller ceilings instead.

You can do this by hanging curtain rods nearer to ceilings before attaching long, flowing drapes to those rods. Better Homes & Gardens shows a photo of how this can work, adding: “Soaring ceiling heights are a striking feature in many expensive homes.”

Deck your home out in neutral colors 

If you have ever noticed how quickly you feel more relaxed on most occasions that you step into a high-end home, such as a period property open to the public, it could be due to the majority of prestige residences using neutral color schemes. 

This approach to coloring a home can help it to instill a sense of calm as well as a classic, clutter-free look. So, it would be a good idea for you to choose neutral hues for certain parts of a home — such as floors, fixtures and upholstery — that are especially prominent throughout the building.

Make your interior doors more interesting 

These doors are easy to treat as an afterthought — and, as a result, probably haven’t been updated in quite a while. For this reason, they could currently look outdated and boring — but you would have many options for what to replace these doors with.

Good examples include pocket doors and sliding barn doors — but, if any of these still seem to be beyond your budget, you could simply give your interior doors a lick of paint in a fresh color.

Tile (or, indeed, retile) your kitchen and bathroom 

In these spaces, tiled surfaces have various merits. For example, they are beautiful in a timeless way, and can be created at a lower cost than you might have realized.  

Subway tile is wonderfully affordable for use in kitchens and bathrooms — and, if you have enough room in your budget, you could affix tiles of more than one color or size in order to add interest to the space.

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