Still Selling Your Home Via Traditional Way? Choose A House-Buying Company For Quick Sale

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For a long time, people have been using the traditional way of selling their houses. While putting up sale signs in front of the house, giving out flyers is the most traditional and simplified method of selling homes, there are some downsides to it. A lot depends on your agent’s marketing skill and expertise to strike a good deal.

How fast you want to sell your house is an important consideration when deciding whether to engage a real estate agent, choose a traditional mode of selling or go with a house buying company.  As someone who is selling their house, it is a wise choice to consider all your options keeping the needs and priorities related to the purpose behind selling your home in mind. As a part of the option-weighing process, it is for you to decide who to sell your home to and compare it with the price, terms, and peace of mind they are offering in return. House buying companies on the other hand buy homes directly from homeowners and can offer a faster and simpler process than the traditional model of selling your house.

Still, wondering whether to put up your house for sale or choose a home-buying company? Read on to know the most notable benefits of choosing the latter option. 

No need to keep your house show-ready: We all are aware of the fact that when we are selling our house on the open market, there is a cycle one needs to do over and over again for an indefinite amount of time- cleaning, staging, showing. This staging or prep is not at all needed when choosing to sell your property via house-buying websites such as HomeFront who can even buy a house via photos and videos. 

Less stringent home inspections: A regular buyer who plans to live in your house will leave no stone unturned to find flaws in the property. They can further request repairs and cleaning to be done or may ask for concessions for something that needs to be replaced before agreeing to the sales conditions. With home-buying companies, you can be assured that the inspection process isn’t as exhaustive as with a regular buyer, and in turn, sellers can save costs on repair and renovation. 

Faster closing time: If you are swayed by the feeling of living in an older home and want to sell your current property as fast as possible, make sure you weigh the pros and cons before buying an old home. After permutation and combination, if you come to a decision where it is viable to purchase that home then a Home-buying company can help you fast track the sales process. Most of them buy houses with cash which eliminates the need to do bank financing or a lender to require an appraisal. The overall closing time is considerably faster than a traditional sale. 

Is a home buying company the right choice for me?

Well, the answer depends on your circumstances and goals. How you choose to sell your house is and will always be a personal decision but a few scenarios listed below could make choosing a house-buying company more appealing: 

  • Inherited a home and want to liquidate your property
  • Don’t want to get into the hassle of staging and showing
  • Want to avoid going into foreclosure
  • Do not have the required budget to make needed repairs

There are other benefits of choosing a home-buying company such as flexible move-out dates, getting cash offers for selling your home, savings on home prep, and agent commissions in comparison to traditional buyers. But remember there is always a chance of getting caught up in a scam; to avoid this, read reviews beforehand, ask questions about their experience and consult with your neighbors before narrowing down on the company.

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