The Best Smart Devices to Modernize Your Home

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In recent times, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been touted as the next big industrial revolution. What this means is that everyday objects will be connected to the internet, able to send and receive data. We have seen how they have already changed our lives in small yet significant ways—how smart cities are being created in plnaces like Songdo, South Korea, and how we interact with the world through apps like Uber and Amazon’s Alexa.

We would expect that smart objects would be able to carry out simple home functions, such as alerting us of the time left before the washing machine cycle is over or switching on a light when we enter a room. However, more than just convenience, IoT opens up a world where we can reap huge benefits from the collected data, convenience, and protection. Here are some of our favorite devices to modernize your home:

Amazon Echo + Voice Controller

The Amazon Echo with its voice controller is the perfect example of how IoT can be so beneficial. Without lifting a finger, you can control everything in your house—from the lights to the thermostat. But it doesn’t just stop at home appliances; with Amazon Echo, you can call up any song on Spotify or order an Uber with ease.

Nest Indoor Camera

In general, the Nest security system is a must-have and more than one product makes this list. The indoor camera that they offer, however, is just too good to not have in your house. Plus, they are linked with other Nest products so they can trigger each other when needed. For example, if the indoor camera detects unusual activity, all of your lights can be configured to be turned on. It also combines the best streaming technologies to allow you to watch your home from anywhere.

Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee Maker

Just like many other appliances, the Mr. Coffee smart coffee maker was created with convenience in mind. You can easily control it through your phone and change its settings depending on whether you’re brewing coffee for yourself or if you need to make a large pot for guests. It even has an app that lets you know when it’s time to clean the machine!


This is one of the best finds in the modern world. This handy little square attaches to any valuable or easy-to-lose object, allowing you to use your phone’s location services to track it down when needed. It’s great if you’re always losing your keys around the house!

Nest Smart Thermostat

The easiest way to save 5-15% on your electric bill is with a smart thermostat – and the Nest smart thermostat is one of the best. You can control it through your phone or voice controller, meaning you will never have to leave the house with your heater on when you step out for groceries.


Lockitron allows you to lock and unlock your front door from anywhere using your smartphone—perfect if you need to lock up and set the alarm before leaving for work. It can also detect when somebody is at your door and send you a notification.

Ring Doorbell

Like the Lockitron, the Ring doorbell notifies you whenever somebody is at your front door. You can even speak to them using its built-in microphone and speaker and operate it from your phone.

These are just some of the best devices that will ensure your home is as smart as can be. There are many more on the market now, from smart lightbulbs to security systems. The future of technology promises a world where we don’t have to lift a finger to live comfortably and efficiently.

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