The Cheapest Areas to Live in Houston

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When thinking about where to live in Houston, the first things that probably pop into your head are probably the cost of living and the quality of the schools. While those are both important considerations, you might be surprised to learn that the area of Houston that you might consider the least important is probably the most important. You see, Houston is a large city and there is plenty of opportunity here for everyone. However, because there is such high demand, house prices and rental costs can be pretty high. Fortunately, there are areas of Houston where the cost of living is much more reasonable and the schools aren’t too shabby either. To help you find your perfect match, we have compiled a list of the cheapest areas of Houston where you can live that still offer a good quality of life.

The Galleria Area

Located in the northwestern quadrant of Houston, the Galleria area is easily accessible by road and rail. This part of town has a great community spirit as you will discover during your residency there. The area is home to many large establishments, such as the Galleria mall and the METRORail Redline stop. Shopping in the Galleria area is extremely convenient as there are ample options for almost every taste. If you are into eating out, you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of places to go around the Galleria area and most of them are quite good. Groceries, gasoline, and rental costs in the Galleria area are all fairly reasonable. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many good schools in the area so if you are looking to raise a family, you might not be the best choice. Overall though, if you can find a good rental home in the Galleria area, it will be rather cheap considering the area’s pleasant surroundings and moderate climate.


Just a few minutes away from downtown Houston is the vibrant Koreatown. Much like the Galleria area, the streets here are full of life and there is a great community spirit. However, while the Galleria area is busy and commercial, Koreatown is quieter and more relaxed. This Asian American neighborhood is rich in culture and food options for residents and visitors alike. You will certainly feel right at home here as there are many similarities between Koreatown and your hometown. Housing prices in Koreatown are also very affordable which makes it a desirable place for those looking for a more affordable option. Restaurants here serve up traditional Chinese and Korean dishes so if you are looking for a place to eat, you can choose from an array of options. If you want to make the most out of your visit, you should check out what’s on offer at the local cinemas as well. 


Continuing along the same train line and only a few stops away from downtown Houston is the northern suburb of the city, known as Northline. This is also a commercial area and although there is quite a bit of parking available, there is sometimes a struggle to find a space. The cost of living here is also fairly high as it is in most of the downtown area. There aren’t many cheap gas stations in the area so if you want to travel somewhere, you will have to budget for that as well. Despite the area being quite busy, there are still some quiet spots scattered around. It is a mostly residential area with some shopping malls and restaurants. 

La Plaza And Park Cities

Continuing southward from the above areas, we reach the most southern part of Houston where the Metropolis and Park Cities areas meet. This part of town has been around for a while and although there are still a lot of residences here, there are also many businesses located in the area. Similar to the Galleria area, there is a great community spirit in the La Plaza area. The streets are lined with trees and there are many parks for residents to enjoy. If you ever visit this part of town, be sure to check out its many galleries, museums, and cultural events. Restaurants and eateries here are quite good, as you would expect, and there are lots of places to go for concerts, movies, and other recreational activities. 

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