Tips When Selling Your Home During COVID

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With the world drastically changing due to COVID-19 and everything has been put on a stop, it can be very hard to keep your plans going. One of those plans was putting your home on the market for 2020 but a global pandemic began happening and it caused a massive problem, and now you start to wonder if it’s even possible for you to still sell your home.

To stop the spreading of the coronavirus, many industries have started to shut down and one of those industries is the real estate industry. Open houses have been cancelled, potential buyers are staying home due to the shelter-in-place order, and people’s income changing from being laid off impacted the real estate industry heavily.

Selling your home is now more challenging than ever and you may begin to wonder if you should postpone everything. Luckily, with the usage of virtual technology and tips offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you won’t have to cancel your 2020 plans. Follow these helpful tips to sell your home during the hardship.

Tip 1. Offer 3D tour of your home

With social distancing being promoted and everyone remaining home, having an open house is extremely dangerous for yourself and others. Virtual tours are a combination of videos and images to create an interactive experience for buyers.

Many sites are offering a free tool to create a 3D tour of your home to help attract people looking to purchase a new home. For example, if a buyer is searching for Mason City Homes For Sale, they are now searching for homes that offer a 3D tour of their listings and these homes get 50% more visitors compared to listings that haven’t created a virtual tour of the property.

Tip 2. Create a virtual open house

Adding a virtual tour of your home for everyone to watch when they are searching for a new home is not the only virtual option you can take advantage of while we are social distancing. A great tip is creating an event for a virtual open house online, and on the day of the event you begin doing a virtual walk-through of the property for all of the interested buyers watching the live video.

It also allows live communication with the buyers and using that option also allows the seller to point out why the home is special and what kind of features it has, as well as answering any questions the viewers have about the property.

Tip 3. Follow the CDC guidelines

When you receive an offer from buyers who are interested in the property, it’s important to follow the guidelines that the CDC has recommended when you are showing your home to the buyer.

Wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks and require the visitors to do so as well, have hand sanitizer ready to use before they enter the home, keep a distance of 6 feet between yourself and the buyer, and do not allow more than 10 people in your home at once. These precautions will keep you and others safe.

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