Top Vastu Shastra Tips For Home and Home Offices

Top Vastu Shastra Tips For Home and Home Offices

Whether in IT, Finance, Marketing, Banking, Trading, Advertising, or any other field, the goal of any company is to succeed in their field by providing the greatest services and creative goods to its clients. However, there are several factors that can affect the success of the business. Today, many people have turned their home into a mini-office due to the COVID-19 restriction. Homeowners often find the best home interior designers in Chennai to address their decor needs but many people who have set-up their office space at home overlook one important factor that has a huge role in achieving the organisational goal: the Vastu of their workplace. Vastu Shastra can bring business abundance and prosperity if done appropriately.

Vastu Shastra for home offices must be followed with faith and viewed as a study that debunks all of the fallacies about how to follow these guidelines. This research dates back to ancient times, when studies were focused on the location of natural resources such as light, water, and wind, and is thus the most evident study to verify.

Vastu: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

‘Vastu’ is the Sanskrit term for home or construction, and ‘shastra’ is the Sanskrit word for teaching. It would be best to combine housing with the laws of nature to improve the balance of every aspect of the house, whether living or nonliving. The movement of money in a workplace is critical. Vastu for the home office helps overcome any obstacles that may be in the way. You can employ home interior designers in Chennai to execute or make changes to have a Vastu-compliant space.

Tips For Best Office Seating Arrangement

  1. The business owner’s location, the entrepreneur, should ideally be in the north, north-east, or east. This rule applies to working in tandem with nature because it is thought that one should not go against nature. To align the rising pattern of the Sun with the increasing pattern of his labour and income flows, the entrepreneur must sit in these directions.
  1. The management workforce’s leadership skills can be improved if they are seated on the western side of the office. The optimum direction for directing teams to sit in the office is northeast, which invites positivism and opportunities.
  1. The office door should be facing east or north. You must not cover or obstruct the entryway with anything.
  1. Make sure the cabin is well lit, bright, and appears to be a source of energy and power.
  1. When sitting in the cabin, you must face north or east; therefore, make sure the seating is placed correctly.
  1. The desk should have a rectangular shape and be built of high-quality wood. Avoid using salvaged or repurposed wood and glass or metal tables.
  1. Tables of different shapes and materials may induce confusion, stress, and a sense of alienation from work for the individual in the cabin.

Tips For Office Tables And Desks

  1. If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s recommended that you face north, east, or northeast. However, this Vastu workstation placement is ideal for financial growth due to the rising Sun.
  1. Place the marketing and sales staff at the northwest corner of the room, with their tables or desks facing northeast. This approach is claimed to boost productivity in these groups.
  1. The accounts department should be in the south-east corner, with their workstations facing north-east, as this will assist them in bringing in more money. This is due to Lord Kubera’s dominance over the northern hemisphere (the god of wealth).

Tips for the Correct Office Entrance

The primary location for determining the Vastu needs for office space is the entryway. If the office entry is designed according to Vastu Shastra, the other Vastu ideas and directives will fall into place more or less naturally.

  1. The primary door or entry should be oriented east or north.
  1. The initial impression of the office is the entryway, which must be pleasant and leave a lasting impact on the visitor. It must be devoid of clutter and paperwork, and it must have a front-facing greeting area.
  1. A positive and confident approach is aided by a favourable reception, ensuring a smooth flow of work orders.
  1. The office entrance should be free of obstructions and wide and open spread. In addition, there should be no obstructions to the flow of positive energy entering the office, such as trees, racks, or stands.

Vastu Tips For Paintings in Home Office

  1. If your house is missing a northeast corner, an unending – road encompassing endless chances for the workflow can be added.
  1. If the company engages in foreign trade or intends to do so, painting a camel on the west wall opens up international chances.
  1. All calculations, such as accounting and filing, are kept on the south wall. Seven rushing horses in a Vastu artwork pave the path for promotions, fame, and popularity. A picture with dark brown horses looks more stunning and lovely. Horses are a sign of victory, power, and speed.
  1. Horses should be painted in odd numbers, and there should be no sun or water in the artwork.

Vastu Tips For Mandir in Home

According to Vastu Shastra, the Mandir or Pooja Ghar should be situated in the north, the north-eastern corner of the space. According to Vastu, the Mandir in the office should have figured idols, and water should be kept in a jug and consumed every day. Keeping the Mandir free of old flowers, incense sticks, and other similar items is critical. Keeping diyas facing south is considered unlucky and is supposed to drain riches.


Many studies have grown as science and technology have progressed, but the feel and application of Vastu Shastra for your office will never fail you. If you need professional help make your home or office Vastu-compliant, you can contact the best home interior designers in Chennai on

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